Effects of the First Phase of Sadesati on Virgo


Saturn transits through the twelve signs and takes about 30 years to complete the zodiac due to its slow pace. It remains for almost 2 1/2 years in one sign.

Saturn influences each sign differently through its Shani Sadhesati or Shani Dhaiya while it transits in the zodiac. Let us know the influence of Shani Sadhesati on Virgo.

The first phase of Saturn Sadesati in Virgo begins when Moon is in the sign of Mercury i.e. Virgo and Saturn is in the birth-sign, Leo. Lord Shani aspects Libra, Aquarius or Taurus sign when it becomes the lord of the 5th or 6th house and is placed in the 12th house. In the first level of Saturn Sadesati, the native may get opposite results in concern with his children. The results may give him mental stress. Some problems may always persist in his life. The possibilities of giving birth to a girl child are also high in Saturn Sadesati. However, the situation remains favorable if some auspicious planets aspect the 5th house. The person may also feel disappointed if his expenditures are unnecessarily high.

A person may lose his self-control and become a victim of bad habits in this phase. Being extremely emotional and blindly trusting others can be harmful to him. Due to the influence of Sadesati, he may be cheated by those whom he trusts a lot. If he lends money to someone during Sadesati, then the possibilities of getting his money back are very less.

The person whose birth-sign is Virgo may face difficulties in business or his job during the 1st phase of Sadesati in Virgo. If he is doing the job then his officers may not be very happy with him. As a result, his problems may increase. Conflicts may also occur with his brothers on the issues of land or property. There may be differences between friends and relatives. He may have to bear problems and difficulties while traveling.

Due to the influence of Saturn, he may become atheistic. There will be a lack of emotions in him. He may not have the delicacy in his voice, which can cause harm to his respect and honor in the society. The effects of Saturn Sadesati are also opposite on his health. Health ailments can be painful for him. He may face failures and obstacles in his work. Saturn can also be inauspicious for his maternal relatives. His life partner may also suffer various problems due to the influence of Shani Sadesati.

If Sadesati enhances your problems, then Saturn itself will provide a way to resolve them. They will gradually go away with your hard work and dedication.



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