2018 Horoscope forecast for Gemini Moon Sign-Mithun Rashi

Forecast for Gemini Moon Sign - January to March 2018

Students might not be able to concentrate on their studies during this period. People will have to work harder to achieve their goals. It will be difficult for you to trust others. Later in the period you will be able to reach your pending targets and will find it easier to move ahead in your profession or business.

The positive impact of Jupiter will help students move ahead in their studies. You will gain wealth and will have a sound health during this quarter. You will feel confident and there will be the suitable increase in earnings and you may also discover fresh sources of income. There may be an expansion in your business if you are a businessperson. This period creates some obstacles and there may be a delay in finishing your pending work. Do not get involved in legal matters because you might find it hard to win. Try and devote some time to religious pursuits and spirituality.

While you will get support from your parents, there is a scope of some conflict in your family. So keep a check on your temper and maintain a sweet relationship with your family members. Your younger siblings will support you.

Forecast for Gemini Moon Sign- April to June 2018

This quarter is very good for your financial status. You will add to your savings and will pay off all debts. Getting new loans will also be easier. There will be happiness and peace in your family. You will feel confident and your enemies will not be able to harm you. You will share a special relationship with your maternal uncle. You will get happiness from your children. This period is also favorable for investing in property and land. On the opposite side, this time is not good for the health of your father. Your suspicious nature may upset your marital life. Trust your spouse and maintain love in your relationship.

You will make good money at the beginning of June but you might not be able to put this money to proper use. You will gain from your friends. Control your anger and deal with patience otherwise, you may face troubles. You may face some financial crisis at the end of this quarter but conditions will improve afterward. Your friends will support you during this period. You will be successful in professional matters.
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Forecast for Gemini Moon Sign - July to September 2018

This quarter will bring you favorable results. Students will do well in competitive exams. People will earn good money and add to their savings. You will be very successful in the business of land and property or fields related to the things we get from land. Your luck will favor you. Your professional life will be good and your enemies will also not be able to harm you. Students can go abroad for education. However, you will not get the support of your father.

The period after 23rd July will not be very auspicious. Your children may trouble you and you may also suffer the loss in business due to some wrong guidance and decisions. Maintain love and affection towards your spouse to have a pleasant married life. You may have to spend money on your children and spouse and your spouse may not keep sound health during this period. You may also suffer from skin related problems.
You will love to spend time with your friends but stay away from bad company. It will be a wastage of both time and money for you. Students may face some troubles in their studies but things will get better later. You may also like to write and travel during this quarter.

Forecast for Gemini Moon Sign - October to December 2018

You may travel a lot at the start of this quarter. But a foreign visit will not be beneficial for you at this time. You will gain from the communication sector. You will be interested in writing. Sources of entertainment will attract you and you will spend time in various activities of interest. On the flip side, your children may trouble you and give you mental stress. Your expenses will increase and your financial condition will not improve until the start of November.

The month of November will be difficult for your finances. Foreign visits do not seem to be favorable at this time. Your tensions about your children will not evade until the end of this month. Your hard work and dedication will bring some good news in business at the end of November and your earnings will improve. Time will be favorable for students as well.
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