2018 Horoscope forecast for Cancer Moon Sign - Karka Rashi

Forecast for Cancer Moon Sign  - January to March 2018

Your confidence and courage will bring you professional success in the first quarter of the year 2018. Your earnings will increase and your financial condition will improve. You will spend money on things of comfort. You may also buy a vehicle. There are possibilities of you going on a foreign visit. Some unexpected enemies may trouble you. Your relationships with your relatives may get bitter during this period. You will lose your faith in

God. However, this time is very good for students. They will take interest in their studies and will do well in their exams.
There may be some ups and downs in your income in the month of February. You will be mentally stressed due to this. Try to understand your father and maintain sweetness in your relationship. Otherwise, you may not get his blessings and support. Your impatient attitude may also upset your married life. Your love and affection can only strengthen your relationship with your spouse. Some unexpected expenses may come your way. People may have to change their job due to their temperamental and aggressive behavior.

Keep a check on your attitude for a smooth professional life. You may also go for long journeys during this period.
You will become more irritated by the end of this quarter. You may have to spend money on your health. Be careful on the road as there are chances of you meeting an accident.

Forecast for Cancer Moon Sign- April to June 2018

This quarter will be very stressful and tiring for you. You will have to work really hard to be successful in your work. Your health will improve after mid-April. You will be confident and your enemies will not be able to harm you. Your strength and manhood will bring you professional success. Your economic condition will improve and you will take interest in religious pursuits.

You will also get happiness from your children. Couples waiting to be parents will be blessed with healthy children. This quarter is also very favorable for students. They will get the opportunity to study abroad.

Your life partner will support you and you will make good money with his/her assistance. Do not put your money in any lottery or bet otherwise you may lose your valuable assets.

Forecast for Cancer Moon Sign- July to September 2018

You are very practical and take your decisions with sensibility and wisdom. Your emotions do not come in the way of your judgment. Your brothers and sisters will support you during this period. You will earn the good income and you will also get the opportunity to progress. Your luck will favor you. You will not have to work hard and success will easily come your way.

You will also get your money back that you might have lent to someone. Your association with educational institutions will be fruitful for you. You will get the guidance from your teachers and Gurus. There will be many happy and auspicious occasions. Your confidence and courage will help you overpower your enemies. People will admire and will benefit from your advice.

People will spend time with their religious Gurus. You will get professional success and your brothers will also support you. You will also own a vehicle. Students will get many new educational opportunities.

You may not take wise business decisions at the end of this quarter. Do not act in a hurry and deal with patience otherwise your professional expenses may increase. Your profits may also lessen. There are chances of loss in your business. You may also have to move away from your home.
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Forecast for Cancer Moon Sign- October to December 2018

The month of October will boost your luck. You will get money and your pending projects will get completed successfully. Women will be lucky for you and will aid your professional success. People will also benefit from matters related to property and land. They will take interest in spiritual and religious works and their honor and respect in the society will also increase. Be careful on the road as there are chances of your accident. Little negligence on your part may cost you heavy.

Your marital life will be very pleasant and blissful after the middle of this quarter.  People will have to work harder to achieve their goals. Conditions will improve at the end of November. You will earn money and chances of promotion and progress will also be there. You will be inclined towards God and spirituality.

There will be an increase in your material comforts at the end of this quarter. You will spend money in auspicious works. People will go on long distance journeys but may not keep good health. There will be some ups and downs in your business and you will get partial success in your projects. Your foreign ventures will be fruitful.

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