2018 Horoscope Forecast for Sagittarius Moon Sign - Dhanu Rashi

Forecast for Sagittarius - January to March 2018

The first month of this quarter will be very favorable for you. People will achieve professional success with their intelligence and hard work. Your business will do well and there will be some happy occasions in your family. You will help your friends in need. Your health may be upset at the end of January and you may also have some disagreements with your friends. Your seniors may not support you. You will get some new sources of income in the month of February. Your luck will boost and you will be property and home owner.

You will sincerely fulfill all your family responsibilities in the mid of this quarter and your luck will also favor you. You will be very busy with your work. Your relationship with your spouse may lack love and sweetness. Spend some quality with your life partner to revive your relationship. Try to avoid financial transactions at the end of this quarter otherwise you may face problems.

Forecast for Sagittarius- April to June 2018

You will get mixed results in the month of April. You will spend more time in religious pursuits and this will give you favorable results. There will an auspicious occasion in your family. You will get partial success in your projects. You will do well in government works but try to avoid getting involved in any conflicts otherwise you may face problems. People may suffer from abdominal problems and headache during this period. People should try hard to get jobs and their efforts will be fruitful. They will get promotion and increment in their jobs. Keep control over your tongue or you may lose your respect and honor in the society.

Your expenses will increase during this period and a member of your family may not keep good health. You will be tensed due to this. You will travel at the end of this month and will get favorable results. All your pending projects will get completed by the end of this quarter. There are possibilities for your promotion and financial gain. You may also travel abroad but some people may try to pose hurdles in your path.

Forecast for Sagittarius - July to September 2018

You may lose your confidence in this quarter. Spend some quality time with your spouse to revive love and affection in your relationship. Be patient and understanding to maintain sweetness in your marital life. You will spend money on traveling but your income will also be good. You will add to your savings and will get all material comforts in life. Modern means of communication will be handy in getting your work done at the right time. You will achieve an important goal in mid-August. You will also get favorable results in legal matters but if you are in government job then there are chances of your transfer. Your children may give you troubles. Some of your conflicts will get resolved. You will start new projects this month and they will also be successful.

Avoid financial transactions in the last month of this quarter. Also, do not lend or borrow money during this period. Your journeys will be fruitful and you may also travel abroad. There may be some obstacles in your path.
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Forecast for Sagittarius - October to December 2018

Your income will be good in the first month of the last quarter of this year and you will get the chance to travel. This quarter is also very good for students. They will be able to concentrate on their studies. They will also get opportunities to study abroad but their expenses will increase. Students will achieve academic goals. You will benefit from partnership business and you may also begin new projects during this period.

People will spend money on the renovation of their home after the mid of this quarter. You will get financial profits at the end of this year and your marital life will also improve. You may sell and purchase vehicles during this period.

You may face some obstacles in starting new projects in the last month of this quarter but these hurdles will be removed after the mid of this month. Overexertion at work may take an oll on your health. You may suffer from various health problems but your friends will always support you. You will get some good news from your children. This period is also very good for investments.
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