2018 Horoscope Forecast for Aquarius Moon Sign - Kumbha Rashi

Forecast for Aquarius Rashi - January to March 2018

All your important pending projects will get completed in the first month of the year 2018. There will be many opportunities for success and achievements. Your new associations will be very beneficial. Avoid long distance journeys and legal matters during this period. Getting involved in any legal proceedings will not be favorable for you. Your marital life may be upset and your relationships with your friends and relatives may also get bitter. So keep a check on your temper and maintain a sweet relationship with your near and dear ones.

Next month of this quarter will bring new opportunities for you. You will successfully and efficiently complete all your tasks and you can also have a big deal during this period. You will gain respect in the society and be confident and you will also win someone's trust by the end of this month. Students will achieve their goals. People will accomplish their tasks with courage and strength. Your family life will be very pleasant and you will also get the chance to meet your teachers.

Forecast for Aquarius Rashi- April to June 2018

All your pending projects will get completed by the end of the first month of this quarter. You will get financial gain and progress in your professional life. Your family life will also be filled with peace and happiness. You will spend time and money in spiritual and religious pursuits. There are chances of you getting cheated by a close relative so do not trust anybody blindly. You may not keep good health during this period and your marital life may also be upset. You will spend money on things of comfort.

You will take good career and professional decisions in the month of May. This time is very auspicious for these sections of your life, so make the most of this period. You will get a chance to work on a new project. Your financial problems will get resolved. You will also get the support of your friends and they will aid in your success. You will get confident but may postpone a project at the end of this month.

Forecast for Aquarius Rashi- July to September 2018

You will get professional success in the month of July. You will complete all your tasks with enthusiasm. Your efforts will be appreciated by your seniors at work but you will be tensed due to your children. There will be some auspicious and happy occasion in your family. You will be successful in matters related to land and property.

Your family life may be tensed at the end of August and your savings may also lessen. You will spend more money on the women of your family. Keep a check on your temper otherwise, some conflicts may arise among family members. Your income will lessen and your expenses will increase and you will be mentally tensed due to this until September. But the month of September will also bring some financial gain. People in business will get financial gain and people in the job will get promoted. You will successfully put your plans into action and will get very busy during this period of growth. You will get some relaxation at the end of this quarter but this time is not good for any marriage plans.
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Forecast for Aquarius Rashi - October to December 2018

People will have to work harder in the first month of this quarter to overcome difficulties in their work. There will be many familial and professional tensions. Your journeys will also not give you fruitful results. But your foreign projects will be successful and your sources of income will increase. You and your mother may not keep good health during this period.
You will get the chance to participate in assemblies. Sectors related to media will do well in this period. You will make good money and be successful with your intelligence and wits. You will make most of the opportunities. This quarter is very good for people in jobs. Unemployed will get jobs and already employed will get promotion and increment.
Your luck will boost in the month of December and you will get all material comforts in life. You will also take interest in spiritual and religious pursuits. However, students may find it hard to concentrate on their studies. People will get professional success and an increase in their earnings with their hard work. You will get the chance to show your caliber at work. Take care of your health to avoid any problems.

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