2018 Rashiphala Yearly Horoscope

What is Rashiphala?

The Rashifala is a prediction system in Vedic astrology that makes use of the Moon sign to predict the events in one's life.

We often confuse our Rashi with the Sun sign. But there is a huge difference. Most of the predictions found in newspapers and magazines are based on Sun sign (western astrology) unless otherwise specified. The Rashiphal is based on the Moon sign.

Sun transits and changes its position from one sign to another roughly in a month. Moon changes its position from one sign to another in every 2 1/4th days. Your Moon sign reveals the key personality traits and major trends that will govern your life.

Vedic astrology considers the position of Moon a very strong factor in your life and destiny and that's why all daily and transit predictions in Vedic astrology are made considering Moon's position and not Sun's. Thus in Vedic astrology the Moon sign is more relevant than Sun sign.

Rashiphal is the Vedic system of Astrology which is nearly 7000 years old. It gives accurate and detailed predictions. Rashiphal uses the Nirayana position of Moon while Western astrology uses Sayan system.
The predictions made using the Sun sign are not made with Vedic astrology. Only the Rashiphala (Moon sign based predictions) are made using Vedic astrology.

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You can choose and read your 2018 Rashiphal based on Vedic Astrology from this list.



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