Buniyadi Kundali in Lal Kitab

Each planet has a Buniyaadi planet. Planet which is placed in the ninth house from a planet will be known as its Buniyadi planet. Lal Kitab does not consider the principle of natural relationship of planets. In the above mentioned birth-chart, Venus is placed in the Ascendant and Jupiter is placed in the ninth house.

According to this position, Jupiter is the buniyadi planet of Venus. Buniyadi means basis or support. It means that Venus depends on the influence of Jupiter to give results to the native. If Jupiter is auspicious, then it will give good results to the native. Similarly, Moon is placed in the second house and Mars is placed in the ninth house from the second house, then Mars will be considered as the Buniyadi planet of Moon. If Mars is auspicious then Moon will give auspicious results, and if Mars is inauspicious then Moon will also give inauspicious results.

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According to Lal Kitab, planet which will help another planet will be the buniyaadi planet of that planet. It means that one planet performs two aspects. Now we can understand that results of every planet are based on its Buniyad planet.

If buniyaadi planet is in the strong position, then the planet will also be strong. If buniyadi planet is weak, then its planet will also be weak and will give less auspicious results. When buniyaadi planet is in the auspicious position, then it will give its strength to its planet and this planet will use its own qualities with full power. If situation is opposite, then results will also be opposite.



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