Blind Kundali (Andhrati Kundli) in Lal Kitab

If the tenth house is afflicted, then Lal Kitab Kundali will be considered as a blind Kundali. Let us know how the tenth house becomes malefic in the birth-chart. If Jupiter is placed in the tenth house, then this house will be afflicted because Jupiter is debilitated in the lal Kitab Kundli In the second situation, if two or more planets having enmity relationship with each other are placed in the tenth house, then that horoscope will be a blind horoscope. Planets which have enmity relationship are as follows:

Planet - Enemy
Sun - Saturn, Venus, Rahu, Ketu
Moon - Rahu, Ketu
Mars - Mercury, Ketu
Mercury - Moon
Jupiter - Mercury, Venus
Venus - Sun, Moon, Rahu
Saturn - Sun, Moon, Mars
Rahu - Sun, Mars, Venus
Ketu - Sun, Moon, Mars

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As per third situation, if there is only one planet placed in the tenth house and its enemy planet is placed in the fourth house. If the tenth house is afflicted due to the aspect of the planet placed in the fourth house, then Kundali will be the blind Kundli (Andhrati Kundli - अन्धराती कुन्डली).

If Lal Kitab horoscope is blind then the person will get good results after a lot of hard work and he may get inauspicious results quickly. A person who has blind kundali should feed food to ten blind people and should perform other remedies to reduce the inauspiciousness and to increase the auspiciousness of planets.



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