Importance of the fifth house in the Prashana Jyotish

The fifth house in the birth-chart is as important in astrology as the fifth musical note in all the seven musical notes. The fifth musical note is the sweetest among all the notes, and similarly the fifth house is most special among all the houses.

Fifth house is the house of knowledge. Knowledge is something which determines the direction of our life. The lord of the fifth house increases the importance of its own house. Astrologers consider the fifth house as the house of Trine and is very auspicious. It is the house of intelligence and education. Fifth house is also considered to be the significator of children.

Fluctuations of life such as sudden benefits or losses are considered from the fifth house. Apart from this, the fifth house also occupies a special place in the birth-chart to assess the position of love. According to astrologers, the fifth house is the Yogakaarak of love relationships.

Let us now discuss the importance of the fifth house in detail:

Suppose if you have any queries about your children, then astrologers will create your Prashna kundali and specify the Ascendant. After specifying the Ascendant and Ascendant lord in the birth-chart, they will assess the fifth house/fifth lord and Jupiter, who is the significator of children. If these houses and planets are auspicious and located in a strong position, you will get the happiness of children. However if these houses or planets are malefic or debilitated in the birth-chart, then it may create obstacles in your parenting and happiness from children.

With respect to education, the fifth house is considered to obtain the results by acknowledging the position of the Ascendant/Ascendant lord with the fifth house/fifth lord and Mercury and Jupiter, who are the significators of education. You will attain good education if these houses and planets are located in a strong position and are auspicious in the birth-chart. If these houses and planets are weak in position and are malefic in the birth-chart, then you may have to face various problems in your education. It is also important to consider whether any other planet forms a combination or aspects these planets and if it is the enemy or friend of the Ascendant, because the effects of other planets also have their influence on the results.

These days lots of people are getting attracted towards investing money in the stock market. If you also have any interest in shares and want to know about your position in share market, then according to the Prashna kundali, the position of the Ascendant/Ascendant lord, fifth house/fifth lord and the position of Jupiter should be assessed. If they are located in a strong position, then you will definitely reap benefits in shares and if they are located in a malefic position then you may have to bear loss.

According to astrologers the significator of house changes according to questions. That is why it is assessed carefully. To answer any question the concerned house/lord and the kaarak planet is to be assessed. Sometimes astrologers only consider the house and kaarak planet rather than the object and this creates a difference in results. Therefore, these small things are to be remembered while making predictions.



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