The Horary Birth Chart Gives Instant Predictions of your Future

Human beings are curious by nature. From ancient days people have wanted to know about their future. Astrology provides thorough information about future just as an Ultrasound machine gives the detailed information of a child inside a mother’s womb.

Astrology is based on mathematics and logic. It is a vast subject and it has many branches of which Horary astrology is one.

Horary Birth Chart (Prashna Kundali) is a blessing to those people who don’t have or don’t remember their birth time and date. Horary kundli is an instant kundli made by the astrologer at the time a question is asked by a native. A native’s birth time, date, and name of the place is required to get information about his or her life, but the process is very simple in horary astrology. In fact,Horary Birth Chart (Prashna Kundali)  is given the equal recognition and significance of birth chart or kundli.

Predictions from horary kundli can be obtained through 2 ways, one is the Vedic astrological method and the second one is the Krishnamurthy astrological method. In Krishnamurthy system the Ascendants are divided in to numbers taken from 1 to 249. When a native ask a question, the astrologer takes the time of the question being asked and establish planets in her kundli according to the time, but the ascendant is calculated according to the number.

So when a native asks a question from an astrologer on any topic of his or her life, the astrologer makes a horary chart for the time the question is asked. The main difference is that in Vedic astrology the Ascendant is as per the time the question is asked. but in the Krishnamurthy system as the Ascendant is calculated on the basis of the number chosen by the native.

Prediction of future is simpler from a horary chart than a janma kundli. It is because the janma kundli is complicated as the planetary strength, lord of the Varghs, Vimshottari Dasha are determined for accurate predictions. Whereas in horary kundli only the placement of planet is important.

Another specialty of Horary Birth Chart (Prashna Kundali) is the accuracy of its origin. Inaccurate birth time gives erroneous predictions of a native’s future by astrologer. Horary kundli is above such mistakes as the kundali is cast instantly at the time the question is asked.

There are many communities in which people don’t make janma kundlis. As there is always a curiosity to know the future these people can satisfy their queries through horary kundli which gives the best possible way to know their future life.



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