Shani's Sadhe Sati Can be Auspicious For You


People often get intimidated at the mere name of Saturn, the son of god Sun and goddess Chaya. In fact many people are literally terrorized of Saturn's Sade-sati.

But in reality, those who worship Saturn and lead a pure life, get the blessings of Saturn and achieve desirable success or profit in all their endeavours. The fear of Saturn's Sade-sati has been spread by some corrupt and greedy astrologers. Saturn is not entirely an unfavourable planet as presented by these astrologers. In fact Saturn can often give you very good results.

According to seasoned astrologers, during Saturn Dasha, while some people gain profit, respect, and lead a comfortable life, others may have to tackle difficulties. Hence, Saturn is not just malefic, it is benefic as well.

The favourable or unfavourable impact of Saturn on a person depends not only on Saturn alone, but also on other planets in the horoscope. That is why it is impractical to blame all your problems on Saturn.

Why Saturn is favorable for some people while unfavorable to others and how it has mixed prospects for certain other people.
The horoscope hides the answer to all these questions. To ascertain how harmful the Sade-sati will be, we need to consider the positions of Ascendant, Ascendant-lord, Saturn and Moon. If these planets are placed favourably placed then the negative impact of Sade-Sati is reduced.

If Moon, is in an exalted sign during the Saturn Dasha, the native will be able to exercise ample self-restraint and overcome all the problems he faces. An unfavorable state of Moon in your birth-chart will reduce the favourable impact.
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If Moon is debilitated in the birth-chart then you may not be able to exercise the required self-control or may face difficulties in overcoming hurdles. In other words, an unfavorable state of Moon might not help you govern yourself i. e. you mind and heart.

It is important to assess the placement of Saturn along with the Moon to understand the overall impact. If the ascendant is placed in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius then Saturn will not have an harmful effect on you. If it is not in any of these signs, you may have to wait to get the desirable results even from your sincere efforts.

According to astrologers to judge the real impact of the Sade-sati on an individual, it is important to consider the placement of Moon in the Janma-kundali as well as the placement of Saturn.

If the Saturn is placed well in both the Ascendant-Chart, and the Moon-chart then you will not suffer from the ill-effects of Saturn Sade-Sati. If however, both the charts have negative placement of Saturn, then the ill-impact of Sade-sati will be pronounced. If Saturn is placed in one of the charts, and ill-placed in the other chart then you will have a mixed period.

To sum up, Saturn is not always unfavorable. Remember, what Saturn-Chalisa says through a couplet.

"Gaja vahan, laxmi griha aave. Haya te sukh sampatti upjaave. Gardabh haani kare bahu kaaja. Gardabh siddh kar raj samajaa."

i.e. When Saturn enters a life riding on an elephant then the person shall recieve great riches, but when Saturn enters on a donkey then the person suffers misfortunes.

This shloka suggests that Saturn is not always harmful, and when it's beneficial it will bring you great fortune. Don't be blindly afraid of Saturn's Sade-Sati. Calmly assess your kundali (birth-chart) and find out how negative the Sade-Sati is for you. In most cases the impact of Shani Sade-Sati is mixed, and sometimes even benefic.

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