Basic Rules to Analyse Dashmansh Kundli

Dashmansh Kundli

The analysis of the horoscope is governed by some rules so that the predictions can be made accurately. These rules are valid as they help the astrologer note what are the important things in the Kundli based on which the predictions should be made. The procedure for analysing the Dashamansh kundli (10d) is given here. The analysis of the Dashamansh kundli should start from the Ascendant house. First of all, its position, conjunction and aspect on the other planets is analysed. Secondly, the change of signs of planets or which planets form a direct relationship is analyzed.

If the planets that are auspicious, exalted, strong or located in the auspicious house or as the lord of the auspicious planets form relationship with the tenth house then they can influence the results. However, if the planets are in opposite position, the results of the birth-chart may also get affected.

These basic rules of analyzing the birth chart can also be applied for the dashmansh kundali. Let us know how to analyze dashmansh kundli. The auspicious or yogakarak planets are analysed first to understand dashmansh kundli.

Ascendant Lord of the Dashmansh Kundli
The analysis of dashmansh kundli starts with the determination of the position, conjunction or aspect of the lord of the Ascendant house in the kundli The Ascendant lord has strong influence on profession. If the Ascendant lord is auspicious during transit, the person gets success and profit in his profession. But if the position of the Ascendant lord is opposite, the person gets opposite results. After this position of Ascendant lord in profession, the Ascendant house is analyzed.

Planets in the Ascendant House of Dashmansh Kundli
The Ascendant house of the birth chart influences the behaviour and personality of a person. The Ascendant house of the dashmansh kundali determines the profession of a person. The planet which is placed in this house gives auspicious results in the profession during its dasha or bhukt dasha. If this planet is in the auspicious position during its transit and period, the person may get respect and honor.

Planets Aspecting Ascendant Lord in Dashmansh Kundli
The planets which form an aspect relationship with Ascendant/Ascendant-lord influence the profession of the person during their period and sub-period. The direct relationship between these planets gives auspicious results to the person for his income or profession. If the planet forms an aspect relationship with the Ascendant house or the position of the planet is auspicious during transit, the person definitely gets success at professional front.

Planets Forming Conjunction/Aspect relationship with the Ascendant Lord
The planets give results according to their Kaarak elements, nature, lordship or position in a house. The auspicious planet gives auspicious results in its strong position while inauspicious planets become malefic or aggressive in their strong position. Planets which form a conjunction or aspect relationship with the Ascendant lord of the dashmansh kundali influence the economic condition of the person which may cause financial problems. In this period, the person may have to leave his job.

Analysis of the Tenth House of the Dashmansh Kundli
The basic rules to analyse the Ascendant house of the dashmansh kundli can also be applied to analyze its tenth house. The planets in the tenth house of the dashmansh kundli, their period/sub-period, the conjunction of the planets in period/sub-period or the planets which form an aspect relationship with the lord of this house give auspicious results during its period.



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