Shani's Paya (Saturn's Paya)


Shani is popularly termed as an unfavorably favorable planet. Since some astrologers often misrepresent Saturn as totally unfavorable planet, people are mostly intimidated at the mere name of Shani.

These greedy and corrupt astrologers often cite Shani's Dasha as the period during which Shani will be in a retrograde state. They do so only to terrorize the innocent people so that they can earn profit from them.

What is this Shani Dasha?
In short, it can be divided into Saturn Dhaiya (a period of two and half years) and Shani's Mahadasha (a period of nine years). But some seasoned astrologers have also argued that Shani Dasha is favorable also.

Indian Philosophy looks at the planets in a form of personification. According to it, all the planets have all the body parts. Due to this fact, they can move from one place to another easily. In this situation, they enter in all the Signs and houses. On this basis, they will have a favorable or unfavorable impact  on the natives.

If Shani also steps in a Sign or house and is slightly unfavorable to the native, this planetary state of Shani according to Vedic Astrology is termed as Shani's Paya.

Shani's Paya of gold
According to Vedic Astrology, when Shani steps in the first , sixth or eleventh houses in your birth-chart, Shani will have much favorable impact  on your prospects. Due to this positive fact, the foot of Shani is termed Shani's Paya of gold. In this planetary state of Shani, the native will get ample wealth, acquire material comforts and earn popularity.

Shani's Silver Paya
If Shani enters in the second, fifth or ninth Sign in your birth-chart (Janam kundali), your fortune will be normal. This will the state of Shani's Silver Paya. In this state of Shani, you will not just earn money but  problems and difficulties will remain miles away from you. And if you take all your activities sincerely, you might get desirable benefit.
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Shani's Bronze Paya (Tamba Paya)
If Shani in your birth-chart is in the third, seventh or tenth place,  it will be Shani's third Paya. In this planetary state of Shani, your financial condition will be sound and strong.

Since, you expenditure might be relatively much. So, the third Paya of Shani is of bronze (Tamba). In this planetary state of Shani, the native's prospects will be mixed. It means, the  native will not just enjoy happiness and comforts, he may also have to face difficulties.

Shani's Iron Paya (Lohe ka Paya)
If Shani  in the birth chart of a native is featured in the fourth , eighth or twelfth house, the native may have to tackle economic or financial problems. Since he might also face some health related ailments, if he take certain necessary measures, he will be able to overcome all of them easily. This stage of Shani is  called Shani's Iron Paya.

Since Shani in the last stage may have a negative impact on the native in  terms of job or business, he needs to take adequate steps to avoid any such eventuality.

Hence, people don't have to get intimidated of Shani Dasha. If they are a bit apprehensive of  the less favorable impact of Shani, they just need to consult a seasoned astrologers to ensure the exact position of Shani and take adequate measures.

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