How to Make Varshphal Chart - Yearly Horoscope Chart?

Yearly Horoscope chart is created when new year begins. The Ascendant changes every year on the basis of Birth-Tithi.

There is a difference of six hours and few minutes in the movement of Sun and Earth. This movement determines the position of the Ascendant in the birth-chart. As a result, a difference of two to three ascendants is formed. The Ascendant of the native in the annual chart is different from the birth-ascendant. Mudda dasha is also given in this Annual chart which is different from Vinshottari Mahadasha.

If we believe these facts, then the birth-chart will have no importance and other factors associated with it will also be irrelevant, which is a matter of deep consideration.

The writer on the basis of his astrological experience says that there should not be any change in the Ascendant of the native and predictions should also be made on the basis of the position of the planets. There should also be no change in Vimshottari dasha, otherwise Mudda dasha will be meaningless. That is why predictions in the yearly horoscope chart are made without any changes in the birth-ascendant.



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