Half-Blind Kundli in Lal Kitab

Half-blind Kundali is formed by only two planets, Sun and Saturn. When Sun is placed in the fourth house and Saturn is placed in the seventh house, then this Kundali will be known as half-blind Kundali. It is also known as Andhrati Kundli (अन्धराती कुंडली) in Hindi.

Sun is the Karak planet of inner-strength and Moon is the Karak planet of willpower. The fourth house is the fixed house of Moon. The tenth aspect of Saturn falls on Sun while it is placed in the fourth house. Therefore, Sun and the tenth house are afflicted through Saturn. In this condition, the person may face problems in his family and profession.

The person should perform some remedies to reduce the malefic effects of Saturn. If any planet is placed in the first house, then he should fill unrefined sugar in the flute of black bamboo and bury it in an isolated place. If the first house is vacant, then he should fill honey in a clay pot and bury it in an isolated place to get auspicious results. He will achieve success and fame in business and society and his inner-strength will increase with this remedy.



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