Fixed Houses in Lal Kitab

Planets are used as significators according to the houses in Vedic astrology, similarly in Lal Kitab every house has a significator.

According to Lal Kitab, significators of houses are the fixed houses of the planets. In Lal Kitab method, houses have more importance than signs, and hence these planets are more important.

Generally significators of planets in Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab are same, but significators of houses are different. As per another principle of Lal kitab, the house which has no planet or is not aspected by any other planet, then that house will be the sleepy house. If the planet is placed in its fixed house, suppose Sun is placed in the first house, Jupiter is placed in the second house then that planet is not in the sleepy condition, and it has an ability to influence other planets and will give good results to the native. Therefore, planets of the fixed houses will be very beneficial.

Signs are always stable in houses in Lal Kitab. Aries is always placed in the first house, Taurus is in the second house and Pisces is in the twelfth house. It will not consider the time of birth of the native.

Planets and Their Fixed Houses are as Follows:
  • 1. Sun
  • 2. Jupiter
  • 3. Mars
  • 4. Moon
  • 5. Jupiter
  • 6. Mercury and Ketu
  • 7. Mercury and Venus
  • 8. Mars and Saturn
  • 9. Jupiter
  • 10. Saturn
  • 11. Jupiter
  • 12. Jupiter and Rahu

This is Lal Kitab's own principle.



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