Lal Kitab Remedies - Importance of Donations

According to scriptures, the person who give donations gets relief from all his sorrows and attains heavenly pleasure. According to Vedic culture, every person should give donations but in lal kitab donations have a special meaning. In this book donations are recommended on the basis of auspicious or inauspicious results of planets.

As per the principles of Lal Kitab, if a planet is strong in the birth-chart of the person then he should avoid giving any donations of things related to that planet. Suppose Mars is strong and auspicious in your birth-chart, then you should not give red colored clothes, pulses or lentils and eatables made up of flour and bronze because this may affect the auspiciousness of Mars.
Similarly, if any planet is debilitated, then you should not accept donations of things related to that planet.

Suppose Jupiter is debilitated in the birth-chart, then the person should not give yellow clothes, yellow dal or fruit, saffron, turmeric and any other thing in yellow color because the planet becomes malefic due to this. It can be concluded from the rules of Lal Kitab that if any planet in your birth-chart is strong and auspicious, you should not donate things related to that specific planet, as it can influence the auspiciousness of the planet.

Therefore if you will donate things related to debilitated planet you can reduce its malefic effects. According to the principles of LalKitab, those who are influenced by debilitated planets in their birth-chart should use the remedies of lal kitab to cure the malefic influence of planets.

A special feature of Laal kitab is that it is based on spiritual faith and spirit, just like to worship God you should have faith, emotions, beliefs and love towards God. Also its remedies are simple and easy, which can be performed by any one without seeking any help.



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