Dishonest Planets in Lal Kitab

If Lal Kitab Kundali of the person is immature, then he will be cheated by different planets every year. Planets which cheat as per year are as follows:

1. Sun cheats in the first year.
2. Moon cheats in the second year.
3. Ketu cheats in the third year.
4. Mars cheats in the fourth year of age.
5. Mercury cheats in the fifth year.
6. Saturn cheats in the sixth year.
7. Rahu cheats in the seventh year.
8. Planet which is placed in the eighth house or planet of death will cheat in the eighth year.
9. Planet which is placed in the ninth house or planet of ancestors will cheat in the ninth year.
10. Jupiter cheats in the tenth year.
11. Venus will cheat in the eleventh year.
12. Zodiac sign or planet which is placed in the twelfth hose will cheat in the twelfth year.

Planet which will cheat should be considered especially because it will give instant results to the native. In Lal Kitab, this planet will be considered as the Ascendant and the lord of the house in which it is located will be considered as of Rashiphal and it can be cured by performing remedies.

Child below 12 years of age will have an immature horoscope. Saturn cheats in the sixth year. If Saturn is placed in the first house and Mars is the lord of that house, then child may suffer from health related problems in this year.



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