What do you Mean by Auspicious and Inauspicious Planets?

Astrology divides Navgrahas into two classes: auspicious planets and inauspicious planets. Auspicious planets are the planets which give auspicious results. They are Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Inauspicious planets are those which give bad results to the native. They are Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. We always wonder why are inauspicious planets always called inauspicious, even though they sometimes give good results.

If Sun is in the sign Aries, Mars is in Capricorn, Saturn is in the sign Libra, Rahu is placed in the sign Gemini and Ketu is placed in the sign Sagittarius, then they will be known as exalted planets. According to the principles of astrology, if a planet is exalted in the birth-chart then it will be considered as an auspicious planet. Therefore, these planets are not malefic if they are placed in these positions. Generally, we should call them angry planets instead of malefic planets.

The planets which are placed in the debilitated sign or house in the birth-chart can be called malefic planets. Auspicious planets will give inauspicious results in following conditions when Moon is placed in Scorpio, Mercury in the sign Pisces, Jupiter in the sign Capricorn and Venus in Virgo. If these auspicious planets give inauspicious results, then they will be considered as malefic planets. Therefore we should call them mild planets, instead of auspicious planets.

Let us confirm this statement with two examples:
  • 1. If Mars is placed in the sign Capricorn then it will be an exalted planet. The person who has this placement in his birth-chart will be placed at a good post in police, army, sports or medicine. He will enjoy good financial status and happiness from siblings. He will be courageous and brave. If this situation is auspicious due to Mars, then can we call Mars an inauspicious planet?

  • 2. If Venus is placed in the sign Virgo, then it will be known as the debilitated planet. The person who has this position in his birth-chart may not enjoy material pleasures. He may not be happy from his spouse. He may face any accident or may face problems due to low financial status. Now, can we call Venus as an auspicious planet when it gives inauspicious results?
Now you can understand the meaning of auspicious and inauspicious planets through these examples.



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