Vishakha Nadi Muhurtha, Anuradha Nadi Muhurtha and Jyeshtha Nadi Muhurtha

Bhargava Nadi Muhurtha is determined by dividing the time between Sunrise and Sunset into 60 Ghatis. Each Ghati is of 24 minutes. There are 60 Ghatis. As Horas of day time and night time are determined in the Vedic Astrology, in the same way, the whole day is classified into different Nadis.

These Nadis are known as Nadi Muhuratas. Saint Bhargava has made this Muhurta system, that's why it is known as Bhargav Nadi Muhurta. According to saint Bhargava, even if all the elements are auspicious except Nadi Muhurtha, the person may not get favorable results.

The counting of Nadis starts from Vishakha Nakshatra. The Nadi Nakashatras are 30 states of Moon. The first Ghati after Sunrise is known as Vishadi Nadi Muhurtha. There are 30 Muhurtas between Sunrise and Sunset. The first 27 Muhurtas are named after the 27 Nakshatras. The 28th is Jyotsna, 29th is Maitri and 30th is Sandhya. These 30 Mahurat are present in the same series in the night too. Every Nadi gives different results.

Vishakha Nadi Muhurtha

Sunday in the Vishakha Nadi Muhurtha is auspicious for marriage. Auspicious events can be held on Monday in this Muhurtha. If a person performs any auspicious event in this Muhurtha on Tuesday then he may get disappointed. If he starts any work in this Muhurtha on Wednesday then he may get bad news.
If the person performs a new task on Thursday in the Vishakha Nadi Muhurtha, there will be an improvement in his financial condition. He will get help of his spouse if he starts a new task on Friday in this Muhurtha. If he performs any task on Saturday in this Muhurtha then he may get benefits after the settlement of disputes.

Anuradha Nadi Muhurtha

Starting new business in the Anuradha Nadi Muhurtha on Sunday gives favorable results to the person. It is auspicious to travel in this Muhurtha on Monday. The person is likely to be successful in the task for which he is traveling.

This Muhurtha of Wednesday is favorable for defeating enemies. A person should not begin any task on this Muhurtha of Tuesday otherwise there may be a huge loss. Wednesday of this Muhurta is favorable for taking back the borrowed money. This Muhurta on Thursday is good for taking revenge on the enemies. It is auspicious to do the work related to the government departments in Anuradha Nadi Muhurtha on Friday.

Jyeshtha Nadi Muhurtha

There may be the chances of disputes if anybody begins his work on Sunday in the Jyeshtha Nadi Muhurtha. The Jyeshtha Nadi Muhurtha on Monday is auspicious for sitting in the examinations and competitions. This Muhurtha on Tuesday is favorable for displaying your skills and abilities. Do not propose to someone special on Wednesday in the Jyeshtha Nadi Muhurtha.

Doing any task in the Jyeshtha Nadi Muhurtha on Thusday can cause health problems. This Muhurtha on Friday is favorable for successfully performing complicated tasks. There may be Problems due to enemies if any work is done in the Jyeshtha Nadi Muhurtha on Saturday.



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