Purvashadha Nadi Muhurtha, Uttarashadha Nadi Muhurtha, Shravana Nadi Muhurtha & Dhanishtha Nadi Muhurtha

Saint Bhargava has made the Bhargava Nadi Muhurta system. This Muhurtha system is also known as Nadi Muhurtha of Nakshatras. The day is divided into 30 Nadis and each Nadi is used as Muhurtha for different types of tasks.

Each Nadi is of 24 minutes. A task is started in a Nadi according to the day. Let's see what type of tasks we should perform in different Nadi Muhurthas starting from Purvashada Nadi to Dhanishtha Nadi.

Purvashadha Nadi Muhurtha

This Nadi Muhurtha on Sunday is auspicious for starting a business. The person gets maximum benefit because of the auspiciousness of this Muhurtha. Treating diseases using medicines can be helpful on Monday during this Muhurtha. Tuesday of this Muhurta is auspicious for buying a vehicle or pet. It is not beneficial to start an auspicious task in this Muhurtha on Wednesday.

This Muhurtha on Thursday is good for engaging in discussions or debate. The person can do secret work on Friday in the Purvashadha Nadi Muhurtha. Purvashadha Nadi Muhurtha of Saturday is beneficial for making conspiracies against enemies.

Uttarashadha Nadi Muhurtha

A person can start the construction of a new building and can perform complicated tasks in the Uttarashadha Nadi Muhurtha on Sunday. Mondays of this Muhurtha are good to start any work that you have high expectations from. He can start a new task in this Muhurtha on Tuesday.

The person may face health problems if he chooses this Muhurtha for any work on Wednesday. He may feel disappointed for the accomplishment of his task if performed in this Muhurtha on Thursday.

If the person performs agricultural activities in this Muhurtha on Friday then he will get favorable results. The harvest would be good due to the influence of Muhurtha. It is auspicious to buy a vehicle on Saturday in this Muhurtha.

Shravana Nadi Muhurtha

A person can present a gift to his spouse on Sunday in the Shravana Nadi Muhurtha. He can perform agricultural activities in this Muhurtha on Monday. He can sow seeds in the fields in this Muhurtha to get beneficial results. The person can buy a new vehicle in the Shravana Nadi Muhurtha on Tuesday. This day is also good for driving the vehicle for the first time.

The person may face hurdles in the tasks which he starts in the Shravana Nadi Muhurtha on Wednesday. He can defeat his competitors in this Muhurtha on Thursday.

The person should not go for medical treatments on Friday in this Muhurtha. If he starts a new task in the Shravana Nadi Muhurtha on Saturday then he may not be satisfied by the results of any task.

Dhanishtha Nadi Muhurtha

The person should not do agricultural activities in the Dhanishtha Nadi Muhurtha on Sunday, otherwise he may face a huge loss in his work. He can get benefits from buying lottery in this Muhurtha on Monday. It is beneficial to buy or sell vehicles in the Dhanishtha Nadi Muhurtha of Tuesday.

The Dhanishtha Nadi Muhurtha of Wednesday is auspicious for reaching an agreement ora compromise or putting an end to a conflict. The person should not choose this Muhurtha on Thursday to defeat enemies or competitors because it may lead to opposite results.

The Dhanishtha Nadi Muhurtha of Friday is favorable for leadership activities. If a person appreciates others in this Nadi Muhurtha of Saturday then there will be an increase in their love and affection.



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