Predictions through the Karkansh Planet

When Aatmakarak planet is located in any sign in the navmansh kundli, that sign is called Karkansh sign and the lord of that sign is called the karkansh planet. This planet gives different results in different circumstances. The auspiciousness of the karkansh planet increases when it is located with any auspicious planet. When karkansh planet is located with any inauspicious planet or any inauspicious planet aspects or combines with it then the karkansh planet also becomes inauspicious.

Let us now acknowledge how karkansh planet is influenced:

1. Results of the First House

The sign in which the karkansh planet is located is called the ascendant in Jaimini method. Placement of Karkansh in the Ascendant may give average results to the person.

a) Conjunction of Karkansh Planet with Rahu
Rahu is considered as snake in astrology. When Karkansh planet is located with Rahu, it may endanger the life of the native. The person may die due to his fear of snakes. However in this modern period, the person may suffer health ailments due to toxic food instead of the poison of snake.
When Rahu is located with karkansh planet and auspicious planet also aspects it the person becomes a chemist or chemical expert. If Mars aspects both these planets, then the person may try to cause physical harm to others.

b) Results of Gulik in Karkansh
If Gulik is located in karkansh planet, which is the sub-planet of Saturn, the person will be inclined towards immoral practices. The person should avoid the people of bad company. He should follow the path of spirituality and do moral acts.

c)Conjunction of Karkansh with Ketu:
When karkansh planet is in conjunction with Ketu and Venus aspects it, then the person will take great interest in performing Yajnas. If along with Venus, Mercury also aspects it then the person will have a habit to speak one thing two times. If Saturn aspects Ketu the person will spend lots of his time in spiritual activities.

2. Results of the Second House

If Venus and Mars are in conjunction with Karkansh in the second house, the person should remain credible towards his spouse. However if Venus and Mars aspect the karkansh planet in the second house, the person will have great love for his spouse. If Ketu is in the second house and a malefic planet aspects it the person will stammer and may not be able to speak fluently. If Rahu is located in the second house the person will spend a lot of his money on his life-partner.

3. Results of the Third House

Third house is the house of courage. Therefore, if a malefic planet is located in the third house from the karkansh planet, the person will be courageous and brave. On the other hand, the placement of auspicious planet may make the person less courageous.

4. Results of the Fourth House

If Venus or Moon has an aspect or is conjuncted in the fourth house from Karkansh, the person will buy his own house. If any of these two planets is exalted, the person will have a beautiful house. Aspect of Rahu or Saturn on the fourth house is not good for his house. Conjunction or aspect of Mars and Ketu is also auspicious. Due to the conjunction or aspect of Jupiter, the person will spend his money on wood work within the house.

5. Results of the Fifth House

If Mars and Rahu are located in the fifth house from Karkaansh, then the person may suffer from the disease of tuberculosis. The aspect of Moon has a serious impact on his health. If Mars is located in the fifth house, the person will like to chant on beads.
If Saturn or Rahu is located in the fifth house, the person will take interest in making iron devices. If Ketu is located in the fifth house, the person will be an expert in making minute devices. If Venus is located in the fifth house, the person will be a poet or speaker.

6. Results of the Sixth House

If a malefic planet is located in the sixth house, then the person will get benefits from the business of goods related to land. If an auspicious planet is located in this house the person will be little lazy and lethargic.

7. Results of the Seventh House

If Moon or Jupiter are conjuncted or aspect the second house from karkansh, the life-partner of the person will be good-looking and attractive. The aspect or conjunction of Sun or Jupiter will make the person a stringent follower of his family values and traditions. Due to the influence of Saturn or Jupiter his life-partner will be older than him. Influence of Rahu or Jupiter diverts his attention from traditions and forces him to marry against his family values.

Results of the Eighth House

Eighth house is the house of longevity. If an auspicious planet is located in the eighth house the person will have long-life. The influence of malefic planet may reduce his years of life. If the influence is mixed, the person will have moderate age.

9. Results of the Ninth House from Karkansh

If an auspicious planet aspects or conjuncts in the ninth house, the person will follow the path of truth. He adheres to the rules of religion and is a very spiritual personality. If the malefic planet has its influence in the ninth house, the person will get opposite results. If Saturn or Rahu is in conjunction or has an aspect the person will be good in studies. Due to the influence of Sun or Jupiter the person may not trust the words of his ideals and teachers.

10. Results of the Tenth House

The conjunction or aspect of an auspicious planet on the tenth house will increase the wealth of the native. Due to this yoga the person will be reserved in nature and intellectual. The influence or the aspect of malefic planet may cause loss in his business. In this situation, the person should prefer a job. The conjunction or aspect of Mercury and Venus will give the person opportunities to work on big projects and gain various benefits.

11. Results of the Eleventh House

Influence of auspicious planets in the eleventh house from karkansh makes the person successful. He will get all the material comforts and conveniences in life. He will also get the support of his elder brother. The influence of malefic planets increases the possibility of gaining through immoral activities. However, he will get defamation due to this. He will also become courageous and bold.

12. Results of the Twelfth House

If there is a conjunction of Ketu and Sun in the twelfth house, the person will be the devotee of Lord Shiva. The conjunction of Moon and Sun makes the person devotee of Goddess Parvati and the conjunction of Venus and Sun makes the person devotee of Goddess lakshmi. Due to the conjunction of Mars and Sun the person will worship Lord Kartikay.
The conjunction of Mercury and Saturn makes the person devotee of Lord Vishnu and of Jupiter with Saturn of Lord Shiva. Conjunction of Rahu with Jupiter makes the person devotee of Goddess Durga and of Ketu and Jupiter of Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikay.



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