Lal Kitab - Significance and Remedies of Venus


According to Lal Kitab an auspicious Venus in the kundli of a native can make his life happy and peaceful, but a malefic Venus may make his life painful. Native may have loose character and immoral image in the society.

Venus is the lord of love and desires. It is the brightest as well as the most beautiful planet which shines at both dusk and dawn. Thus an auspicious Venus in a kundli blesses life with love and happiness and a malefic Venus  can influence the character of a native negatively, making his or her life very hard and troubled.

Vedic astrology says that the 7th house is the house of love, marriage and life partner. Venus is the lord of the 7th house and Fridays. Venus maintains a friendly relationship with Mercury, Saturn and Ketu whereas its enemy planets are Sun, Moon and Rahu. Mars and Jupiter are also the enemies of Venus.

The most auspicious positions of Venus in a kundli are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th houses whereas it is combust in 1st, 6th and 9th houses. It is exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo. Venus is the significator of yoga in Gemini. Venus influences the planet placed in combination with it in the 7th house of a kundli.

Venus is the significator of family and domestic life. It also indicates about life partner. Lal Kitab says that Venus is not harmful even if it is alone in a house. If the 7th house of a kundli has the combination of Saturn, Sun and Venus then Sun is debilitated and Venus also turns malefic. This situation in a kundli creates loss of wealth and bad relationship with father. A native gets wealth and high position in his profession if Venus is stationed on the 12th house.

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Venus influences the reproductive organs and eyes of its natives. It is the lord of love, marriage, sex, happiness, wealth, music and dancing. Venus is the significator of conjugal happiness.  It can also lead to the separation of couples.

Natives of Venus are romantic and attractive; they are fond of beauty and art. If a man has auspicious Venus in his kundli then he loves to dress and present himself attractively.  Such persons like the company of women and also benefit from them.

Inauspicious Venus in a kundli causes ill-character, problematic family life; skin problems, bad dreams and sudden pain in the fingers of the native.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus
Lal kitab provides remedies for the auspiciousness of Venus in every house of the kundli. Some common remedies for Venus are that a native should respect his wife, fast on Fridays and keep control over his mind and body. An afflicted native of Venus should donate 7 kinds of cereals and fodder. For inauspicious Venus in the 4th house a native should remarry his wife.

For wealth and children women should wear a golden hair clip. For getting positive results from the 6th house of Venus a native should bath with milk. Lal kitab says that it is very important to control our senses and mind as they are directly related to Venus.



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