Planets in Pisces Ascendant and their impact


If you are born in the Pisces Ascendant and there is a planet in the Ascendant then the effect of that planet will be with you forever. Here are the results according to the planets:

Sun Placed in Pisces Ascendant
Sun becomes the sixth-lord and is malefic when in the Kundli of Pisces Ascendant. The native may be healthy because Sun eliminates illness from this position. People who have this combination in their Kundli are confident and put all their heart into the work they do. They are not afraid of their enemies and face any situation with valor. Due to the full aspect of Sun on the Virgo sign in the 7th house they may get success in a job but not in business. There may be some conflict with the life-partner which will affect happiness.

Moon Placed in Pisces Ascendant
Due to the lordship of the trine 5th house Moon gives auspicious result in the Pisces Ascendant. This placement in the Ascendant is good for the person. The native might have a beautiful and attractive personality. He will have a sweet and effective tone of voice. He is never afraid of any task because he has a lot of confidence. He may have an affectionate and loving mother. He will live happily with his life partner and will have happiness from children too because Moon has full aspect on Mercury in the sign Virgo.

Mars Placed in Pisces Ascendant
Mars is the lord of the 2nd and the 9th house in the Kundli. Presence of this combination in the Ascendant makes the native strong and obstinate. He will have an interest in studies and likes to help others. His Economic status of will be good and expenditure will be less. He may have problems in eyes and ears. The aspect of Mars on the 1st house has an effect on the 4th, 7th and 8th houses. Because of its effect the native would be blessed with helping friends and partners. He may get affection and help from mother or a mother like woman.
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Mercury Placed in Pisces Ascendant
Mercury pollutes the Kendradhipati dosha when it becomes the lord of the 4th and the 7th house in the Kundli. The person may be hard-working due to the presence of Mercury in the Ascendant in this sign. He may earn money by hard work and cleverness. This is not a very lucky combination for inheritance but it is good for getting help from women. Mercury in the Ascendant aspects its own sign in the 7th house which has a positive effect on friendship and partnership. The person will have good friends and will derive benefit from partnerships. The native will have a happy married life and a virtuous spouse.

Jupiter Placed in Pisces Ascendant
Jupiter is the Ascendant lord and the 10th lord in Pisces Ascendant. Due to its lordship of the Ascendant Jupiter does not have the Kendra-adhipati dosha even though it is the lord of two Kendra houses. Due to its presence in the Ascendant it makes the person very lucky, healthy and beautiful. The person will be calm and generous by nature and will have confidence and faith in religion. Jupiter in Ascendant aspects 5th, 7th and 9th houses, due to this the person may get affection from his father and will have a loving family.

Venus Placed in Pisces Ascendant
Venus is lord of 3rd and 8th house in the Pisces Ascendant. Venus has a negative impact when placed in in this position. Due to the placement of Venus in the 1st house the person may be the lord of a beautiful and vivacious personality, but may have the problem of acidity.

The person may be the best at work and will have a lot of courage and deep thirst for knowledge. There could be unhappiness on account of children and he may not get enough love and care from his mother. Venus's full aspect on the 7th house suggests a normal, happy married life.

Saturn Placed in Pisces Ascendant
Saturn is 11th and 12th lord in the Kundli of Pisces Ascendant. The native may be of frail physique due to the impact of Saturn. He may also have an eye related problem. He could have an indecisive nature. The person may always desire to take help from others to get ahead in life.

The native might be keen on saving money and may get unexpected benefit from black-marketing and lottery. Saturn in Ascendant aspects Pisces in the 3rd house, Virgo in the 7th house and Sagittarius, the sign of Jupiter in the 10th house. The person may not be able to get help from friends, may suffer loss through partners, and get distress in married life because of, the aspect of Saturn on these houses.

Rahu Placed in Pisces Ascendant
A person may be the lord of a healthy physique if Rahu is in the Ascendant in the Kundli of Pisces Ascendant. Rahu makes a person clever but selfish. The person may become friends with others only in order to achieve his goals. He knows how to manipulate things for his own benefit. He will have courage. Rahu in the Pisces Ascendant aspects Virgo which is in the 7th house. There are chances of problems with progeny and the native's may spouse may have health problems leading to an unhappy married life.

Ketu Placed in Pisces Ascendant
Ketu causes health related problems like backache and acidity when in Pisces Ascendant. The person may have inferiority and lack of confidence. Moreover he may have to face difficulties in decision making. It is advisable to do a job instead of a business. He might go against social norms for the fulfillment of self desires.

Ketu aspects the 7th house which creates difficulties for spouse, but the married life may be normal and reasonably happy.



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