Analysis of Health Through Prashna Kundali


Every person prays for good health. But the human body is just like a machine thats why health problems may occur any time. Tensions may be created if the person does not recover quickly.
Prashna Kundali can help us get rid of the stress by telling us when recovery will happen.

Horary Combinations For Quick Recovery
Prashna Astrology lists several combinations that signigy a quick recovery if they are present in the chart. If these combinations are present then the illness will not be very severe and should be cured quickly if treated by a doctor on time.

Judging Recovery From Lagna and Lagna Lord.
Powerful planets in Ascendant give quick recovery. If Ascendant-lord and the tenth lord are friends then it would give quick recovery. Friendship of the fourth and seventh lord also equates quick recovery.

There are signals of quick recovery if the Ascendant has a benefic relationship with the Moon and the Moon is influenced by good planets placed in the Kendara houses. Lord of the seventh house should not be retrograde and it should not be influenced by the Sun and the 8th lord for quick recovery.

Judging Recovery From Moon
If moon is strong and placed in its own sign or in the exalted sign, and it has a relationwhip with a benefic planet, it will give the patient a quick recovery from his or her illness.. If Moon is in a moveable or dual sign and is aspected by the Ascendant then there are prospects of fast recovery.
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This kind of result can also be expected when Moon is placed in the fourth or in the tenth house in its own sign. If the Sun and the Moon are aspected by good planets and placed in the first, fourth or in the seventh house, they would also help in fast recovery.

Astrological Combinations For Delayed Recovery
According to Prashna Jyotish, if there is enmity between the Ascendant and the tenth lord or between the fourth and the seventh there are chances that the patient will recover late.

Sixth lord is used to judge recovery from an illness. If the 6th, 8th and 12th lord makes a relationship between themselves in any Prashna kundali then there may not be a quick recovery. Presence of Venus and the Moon in the Ascendant makes reduces chances of quick recovery.

In the Prashna kundali, conjunction of the Ascendant and Mars gives bad results regarding recovery. If Ascendant is placed in the 12th house then the patient’s recovery would be late. Similarly, if  ascendant is placed in the 6th or in the 8th house and 8th is placed in a Kendra the may not recover quickly.

12 Houses & Body Parts
Each of the 12 houses is considered to judge the health of different body parts in the kundali. Here's a list.
  • 1st House : Head, brain, Nervous system
  • 2nd House : Face, neck , eyes,
  • 3rd House  : Shoulder, chest, lungs, breathe,  blood vessles and arms.
  • 4th House : Bust, Upper intestines, upper metabolic system
  • 5th House : Heart, blood, back, circulatory system
  • 6th House : lower stomach, lower metabolic system, intestines, waist, liver
  • 7th House : Kidneys
  • 8th House : private parts, Glandular system, intestines, anal system
  • 9th House : thighs, posterior and circulatory system
  • 10th House : knees, bones and joints
  • 11th  House : legs, ankles  and breathe
  • 12th  House : leg, eyes and salival glands



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