Sadesati of Saturn: Measurement of a Person's Endurance


During this shahi Sadesati period, Saturn puts the person to tests, pushing his or her endurance to the max. However, if the native has a good endurance power then he can solve the problems, but if he has a weak endurance then he may not be able to face the problem in his life. The Moon helps the native understand his ability to work and bear the problems that he may face during the Shani Sadhe Saaati.

The assessment of Moon's power has to be done very carefully. The person will have different influences according to the state in which Moon is placed, such as exalted, friendly, debilitated or with an enemy planet. Other than this, if the Moon becomes strong then it may have profound results.

When the Moon becomes strong in the birth chart the person will be strong mentally. His self-confidence as well as his decision making ability will be high. He does not lose hope during bad times. If he has positive thinking then half of the afflictions may go away from his life.

If Moon is between two malefic houses in the birth chart then Moon will be in Pap Kartari Yoga. Due to this, the native may feel insecure and there are possibilities of getting malefic results. If the person spends too much time in thinking, he might get wrapped-up in making plans and may not be able to translate them into action.

If Moon is strong in the birth chart then the native's ability to work will increase and the effects of the Moon will also be moderate on him because of his strong endurance.

shanidev (Saturn) gives benefic effects to Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and the Aquarius signs because Saturn is a friend of Taurus Ascendant, Libra, Gemini and Virgo as well as a Yogkarak planet of these signs. It is a lord of a trine house in the Capricorn and Aquarius signs and to judge the malefic effects of another planets in the period of Sadesati we have to acknowledge the actual power of Moon.

Astrologers often frighten the people with the supposed ill-effects of Sadesati, but it's not true that shahi Sadesati only causes failure. There are many people who achieve success during the shahi Sadhe sasti when their difficult time is running.
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If Saturn is a benefic planet in the birth chart or in the Moon chart then it also gives benefic results to the native in the period of Shahi Sade sati. but if shani - Saturn has a malefic presence in both the charts then he will not get good results. if Saturn has mixed effects on both the kundlies then the person might get success even if he has problems during the shahi Sadhesati.

Moon is the most influential planet in the birth-chart because its effect is stronger than other planet. When Moon comes in contact with other planets in the birth chart its results change rapidly.The influence of one strong planet on another planet gives benefic results.

If Moon becomes strong then the native may achieve success in spite of his problems but if Moon is weak then he may not be able to confront his problems. Sadesati of Saturn assess the endurance of the native and gives results accordingly.

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