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Shani Dhaiya starts when Saturn transits through the 4th or 8th house from Moon in the birth-chart. Saturn remains for 2 1/2 years in one sign, therefore, this transit is commonly known as Shani Dhaiya (2 1/2 year period) of Saturn. Saturn's transit in the 4th house from the Moonsign is called Kantak Shani. Just like Shani Sadesati, it is possible to move ahead and grow in Shani Dhaiyya too even though it is supposed to be an inauspicious transit.

If in the birth-chart, Saturn and Moon are in a good position and the effects of Saturn's transit is also benefic the native has the possibility to gain auspicious results. Saturn has three kinds of aspects; one is the 3rd aspect, second is 7th which is also known as the full aspect and the third is 10th aspect.

When Saturn reaches the 4th house from the Moon, it aspects the 6th house by its 3rd aspect which may cause financial and health problems and may increase the number of rivals the person has. Similarly, when Saturn aspects the 10th house by its 7th aspect, it may influence economic prosperity, business and the rights of the native. However, when it aspects the 1st house by its 10th aspect, it influences the physical health, respect and dignity of the native.

When all the above houses get influenced by the aspects of Saturn, the situation becomes even more apprehensive. Saturn is known as a malefic planet in general, but it does not always have malefic effects. Its effects depend on its position in the Moon-chart and the birth-chart in particular. Apart from that, Saturn's results are also influenced by its transit . If Saturn and Moon are auspicious in all domains then the person will definitely get positive results.

The results of Saturn sometimes also depend on the abilities and habits of the native. Each individual has his or her own personality and motives, Saturn gives its results accordingly. Saturn is the planet of justice, it dispenses justice to all according to their Karma. The justice may be delayed, but it is always delivered.
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When Saturn is in the 8th house from Moon in the birth-chart, it aspects the 10th, 2nd and the 5th house. The tenth house is also known as the house of Karma, the 2nd house is the house of income and the 5th house is the house of children and high-education. like the person who has attained good education gets good sources of livelihood, and good income, similarly, all these houses are connected to each other. Due to the aspect of Saturn on the above houses, the native may find obstacles in his life. The 8th house is called the house of longevity. Longevity is more important for an individual than any other aspect of life, because of this reason, high priority is given to the Ashtam Shani, which directly affects longevity. When Saturn is placed in the eighth house from the Moonsign, it is known as Ashtam Shani.

Kalyani is another name given to the Saturn Sadesati and and the Laghu Kalyani is the period of Saturn Dhaiya. Here Laghu Kalyani means the impartial results of Saturn which are for the welfare of the native. Saturn is the slowest planet among all planets and takes 30 years to transit through all the 12 signs. During this period, whenever Saturn enters the 4th or 8th house from Moon in the birth-chart it is inauspicious for the native.

To overcome the problems caused due to the Shani Dhaiya, the native should not get frightened and use the remedies to reduce the negative influence. For instance, he should spend more time in meditation and spirituality which will increase his inner strength and give him the ability to work with passion and enthusiasm.

The remedies of Shani Dhaiya are:
  • The native should donate things which are related to the planet Saturn on Saturdays.
  • A horse-show worn by a black horse should be placed on the main door of the house.
  • The person should worship lord Hanuman.
  • The native should wear black or dark blue clothes on Saturdays.
  • The person should light a lamp of mustard oil beneath a Peepal tree on Saturdays

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