Pancham Shani: The Reason for Financial Losses


In economic matters, Shani Sade Saati and Dhaiya of Saturn are not considered good. During both these periods, the possibilities for loss in income and rise in expenditure are high. Besides this, there is another position of Saturn which extremely influences the economic status of the native, i.e. Pancham Shani.

Pancham Shani occurs, when Saturn transits through the 5th house from Moon in the birth chart. Generally, this house gives high-education, children and love affairs but through the studies conducted by astrologers, we find that when Saturn transits through the 5th house from the Moon its effects can be even worse on the economic status of the native than the effects of the Shani Sade ssati or dhaiya of Saturn.

Due to the placement of Saturn's transit in the 5th house, the native may get engaged in wrong circumstances, where he may take wrong decisions and lose self-confidence. Therefore, in this situation, he may find it difficult to achieve success in his work.

Saturn in the 5th house causes problems for native in education and with his children. This house is also known as the house of past karma. Saturn in this house indicates about the wrong deeds that the person may have done in the past births.

The reason why Saturn is not considered good in economic matters when it transits through the 5th house, is that in the 5th house Saturn has the 3rd aspect on the 7th house which is the house of "Partnership Ventures". As a result, the chances of benefic effects reduce, the partnership venture may not produce positive results and the possibilities to be cheated by the business partners also increase.

As Saturn is a malefic planet it causes loss in business, and is a reason for delayed marriage. It also give rise to conflicts in the married life of the native. The aspect of Saturn on this house have malefic effects.

When the seventh aspect of Saturn is on the 11th house it causes a fall in the income of the native and problems in the professional sphere.  Saturn through the 11th house can also predict the future rewards and achievements in the native's business life.

Saturn also affects the relations of the native with his elder brothers. He may not get the just fruit for his hard work and get disappointed. As a result, he loses interest in his work which becomes the main reason for his doom, in that situation his faith on god helps him a lot.

In the 5th house Saturn aspects the 2nd house with its 10th aspect. The 2nd house is known as the house of money and family. Saturn reduces the auspiciousness of the house and results in losses and conflicts in the family. Thus, when Saturn's transit is through this house the possibilities to reap economic benefits remain a dream for the person for almost 2 1/2 years.

It is also known that until the completion of the duration of 2 1/2 years, he may take heavy loans which make the situation worse. However, just as the period of Shani Sade saati or Shani Dhaiya in some cases can give benefic results, similarly, Pancham Shani can also be benefic. But to expect benefit from Saturn alone is just like trying to find stars in the day.

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