Transits of Saturn


Saturn's transit refers to the passage of Saturn through the 12 houses in the birth chart. Let us see what they mean for a person's life.

Importance of Saturn's Transit
Every person has a fear of Shani Deva. The king can become a pauper and the powerful can become powerless due to Saturn's transit. But it is not essential that transit of Saturn will be malefic for everyone. Saturn has some common effects and some special effects too. The two special transits of Shani Deva are Sadesati and Kantak Shani. During Sadesati, the native may face different difficult situations in which he will be examined by the Shani Deva in the interval of 2 1/2 years in each sign.

Transit of Saturn's Sadesati
the Shani Sadesati will start when the transit of Saturn is in the 12th house from the Moonsign. When Saturn's transit is reached to the Ascendant after 2 1/2 years then Sadesati will effect the life of the native. In the last 2 1/2 years, Saturn's transit is placed in front sign of the Ascendant and it is the finishing phase of Shani Sade sati. It gives very bad effect to the native. In the starting of Sadesati the native may have loss in the wealth and he might not get much peace in his life. He may get physical and psychological disturbance in his life.
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The transit of Saturn becomes very inauspicious when placed in the Ascendant, due to this, the native may get hurdles and curbs in his work. He might not have much peace in his mind and he may have many tensions in his life. It gives bad effect on the health and maladies may bay to the native . Profligacy of money may occur and he may get economic damages. When Sadesati reached to its ending phase then it create conflicts in the family and relatives. Due to this, family members might get maladies and that can be a reason of death of any family member.

Kantak Shani in Transit of Saturn
Due to the transit, when Shani Deva will reached to the 4th, 7th and the 10th house then it is known as Kantak Shani and it becomes the objector in the native's life. When Shani Deva is placed in the 4th house in the Ascendant during birth of the native then it gives opposite effects on the health.

Shani Deva create condition which oblige the native to leave his home and live on the another place. When transit of Saturn is placed in the 7th house in Moon Ascendant then he may live in the abroad. Kantak Shani create fluctuations in the life when it is placed in the 10th house. The native may face disachievements in livelihood and business due to placement of Shani Deva in this house.

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