Effects of Mars in Lal Kitab


Mars is an influential and radiant planet of red color. Because of its courageous nature, it is given the status of the commander-in-chief of the Devtas. In Lal Kitab Mars has been called the lion who rears goats, which means it gives strength to those who are weak .Its impact depends on its position in the native's birth-chart.

The Nature and Characteristics of Mars in Lal Kitab

Mars is considered a planet of aggressive nature and in Lal Kitab, the 3rd house is considered the house of Mars. It is the lord of Aries and Capricorn. It is exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer. It is a friend of Sun, Moon and Jupiter and it is neutral with Venus, Saturn and Rahu. In Lalkitab Mars is hostile towards Mercury and Ketu. In the birth-chart, when Sun is combined with Mercury then Mars give benefic results. Mars has a neutral relationship with Sun but when Sun is combined with Saturn then it may have malefic effects. When Rahu aspects Mars in the birth-chart, then it will be inauspicious.

Mars has an enormous influence during adolescence. The organs of the body influenced by Mars are blood, bone marrow, liver, lips, chest and arms. The main areas of Mars are power, bravery, courage, anger, enmity, pride and jealousy. Therefore, this planet is known as planet of negative qualities and the person who has Mars in an unsuitable position will have these qualities. The relative of Mars is brother, hence, when Mars is in a benefic position then brothers get benefic results, but, when it is in a malefic position then brothers may face difficulties and problems.

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Lal Kitab believes that Mars is a powerful and wise planet. It resides on the native's navel. If Mars is benefic in the native's birth chart then the person can utilize his powers for good work. If it is malefic then the native will utilize his powers for illegal work. If Mars is in a weak position in the native's birth-chart then he will be less courageous and less confident.

Remedies For Mars in Lal Kitab

If Mars is inauspicious, Lal Kitab provides measures to maintain the auspiciousness of Mars. Lal Kitab also provides remedies if Mars is inauspicious. according to Lal Kitab in the 1st house the native should rear a dog and should not waste undue time on looks. Due to the presence of Mars in the 2nd house, the person should wash 400g of rice in milk and cast it into running water for at-least seven Tuesdays.

To remain healthy, he should irrigate roots of a banyan tree with milk and apply wet soil on it in form of a Tilak.

If Mars is malefic in the 4th house of the birth-chart, the native should keep a fast on Tuesdays and distribute laddoos and boondis as prasad. To reduce the malefic effects of Mars in the 5th house, Lal Kitab suggests, the native should keep a mug filled with water beside his pillow in the night and in the morning cast it in a clean and nice place where it is not insulted. He should also adopt remedies for Saturn when Mars is malefic in the 6th house. When malefic Mars is in the 7th house, keeping solid silver at home is benefic.

In the 8th house, the person should make sweet chapatis in tandoor and feed them to dog for 43 days. He should hang a piece of square shaped silver on the door in the south side. He should serve a black skinned or one-eyed person to reduce the inauspiciousness of Mars in the 10th house. Presence of Mars in the 11th house is benefic, if the person rears a dog. Mars will not give its malefic effects in the 12th house if the person place rice made of silver in his house.



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