What is Prashna Astrology?


Prashna Jyotish
is used to predict an answer for the query presented by a querist to an astrologer. The Rising sign (Ascendant) is very important in the Prashna astrology. Every house and every sign has its own meaning in the Prashna Jyotish (Horary Astrology). Questioner is considered the rising Ascendant in prashna Astrology.

The seventh house represents the subject of the question. The query may be related to the planet that has a full aspect on the Ascendant or the planets which are strong and can make relationship with the Ascendant in the Kundli. The time of question is important in the Prashna Kundli, it can be a significant subject, as, how to determine the time for a question.

Determination of the Prashna Time
Principle of prashna Jyotish is that the time the astrologer first hears the question, that is considered  the right time for use in Prashna astrology. If a question arises in a querist's heart and he calls an astrologer, the astrologer should take the time he was asked the question not the time when the querist thought about it.

There are similar problems in the selecting the place of the Prashna. If a querist asks the question sitting somewhere in Jaipur on phone, and the astrologer is in New Delhi, then he should take the time of New Delhi. The other school of Vedic astrology says that the right place is the place where the querist is located.

The answers for certain questions are difficult to get from the birth Kundli but they can be found easily from the Prashna Kundali. The Prashna Kundli can reveal whether a desire will be fulfilled or not. Prashna Kundli can give answers in either a yes or no. For example, win or lose in any case, Question's related to health, or A person who has left his home will come back or not and so on.
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The Importance of Houses in Prashna Kundli
The houses play the same role in the Prashna Kundali that they play in the birth-kundali. Each house signifies a particular aspect of life and the its strength and the strength of planets in it reveal how soon can the querist expect results. 1st house is of the questioner. Subject of the question is judged from the7th house and the age of questioner from the 2nd house. The meaning of the houses also changes for different questions.

Importance of Signs in Prashna Astrology
In Prashna Jyotish Shirshoday signs indicate success Prushthoday signs indicate failure. Similarly, signs of the day indicates positive results whereas Ratribali (signs of the night) rashis indicates a malefic question.

For clarification of the question, birth Kundlai can also be used to see the yog of a question such as emerging of char sign in the Ascendant says that situation will change and stable sign says that everything will be stable in the future. For example if there is a question about travel, it will happen if char sign is placed in the Ascendant and there is no possibility of traveling, if a stable sign placed in the Ascendant.

Whether the state of mind of the questioner is in favor or not can be seen by the Prashna kundli too. For example, if the questioner wants to travel to be the answer of the question, then he will go on a journey but if he doesn't want then he will not go on a journey.

The Relationship Between Houses and the Karaka lord
There are 12 houses in a Kundli. Every house is stable in the birth Kundli and they have their own importance. What we have to see is, which house is dependent on the question in the Prashna Kundli. In prashna Kundli, subject of the question is represented by the Karyesh. For example seventh house is the Karyesh in a question related to marriage. Similarly, the fifth lord is the Karyesh in a question related to children. Relationship between the Bhavesh and Karyesh shows how the result will be. It will be good if there is a positive combination.



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