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Recently Saturn crossed over from the sign Leo to Virgo. This new phase of Saturn brings fresh people under Sadesati while many are now out of Shani Sadesati.

Saturn’s Sadesati transit is one of the most feared periods in a person’s life. Many people get very disheartened and disappointed when it starts, as if all the world is lost for them.

This isn’t the case. At any given time one-fourth of the world’s population is running Sadesati. Does that mean that one fourth of the world’s people are having a miserable time? No, not so. Actually Sadesati is a normal transit of Saturn and is no cause for panic. There may be times when you may have some extra bit of challenges during Sadesati, but nothing earth-splitting is going to happen.

One of the few websites that have AUTHENTIC vedic astrology on the net – has created a report on Sadesati that gives readers a fair and to the facts review of the impact that Sadesati will have in their lives.
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This comprehensive report gives an analysis not just for the current sadesati, but all the Sadesatis that the person will run in their life. Usually that’s three for most people. The report has the full details about the entry and exit dates of Saturn in the Sadesati, and also individual analysis for each phase of Sadesati.

Remedies for Sadesati
Vedic astrology says that the negative effects of Sadesati can be lessened through remedies. This report gives many easy-to-do remedies that the person can perform to improve the conditions of the Sadesati. There are many different kinds of remedies that the person can select from.

Kantak and Ashtam Transits
The Kantak Shani and Ashtam Shani transits of Saturn are feared too. This report also has the analysis for Kantak Shani and Ashtam Shani with proper remedies for these transits.

The Most Complete Report on Sadesati
Everyone who wants to understand what role Saturn’s Sadesati can play in their life should check out the Shani Sadesati Report. With 18+ pages of information, this is the most complete report on Saturn’s Sadesti for you that you will ever find.

This report is priced at Rs.259. available in Hindi and English languages and will soon be available in other Indian languages too.



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