Treating Illnesses Through Gemstones

Vedic astrologer places strong faith in the power of Gemstone Astrology . According to Jyotisha the gemstones represent the energies of individual planets and wearing the correct gemstone can help an individual remake his destiny. Gemstone Astrology says that gemstones have a strong impact on a person's health too, and wearing the right gemstone can be an important catalyst in recovery.

Memory Lapse and Gemstone Astrology
The person may not remember many incidents of his life if he has this illness. According to astrology, this may occur when the Ascendant or the Ascendant lord is malefic in the birth-chart. When Sun and Mercury are placed in Aries and they are afflicted by Venus and Saturn then the native may suffer from memory loss. The possibilities of memory loss will increase during the Mahadasha of Saturn during sadesati. According to gemstone therapy, the native will get beneficial results if he wears Pearl or Ruby gemstone.

Leucoderma and Gemstone Astrology
Leucoderma is a skin problem. The native will get white spots on his skin. He will get this problem when Moon, Mars and Saturn make their combination in the Taurus sign. Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are known as water signs. When Moon and Venus are in combination in this sign then the person may suffer from this disease. When Mercury is placed in the enemy sign or it becomes retrograde in the birth-chart then the too person may get this problem. He can protect himself if he wears Diamond, Pearl and Yellow Sapphire which is also called "Pukhraj" in Hindi.

Baldness and Gemstone Astrology
Baldness is the problem of falling hair. This disease occurs because of allergy, genetic problems or from the effect of other diseases. In the birth-chart when Sun aspects Saturn and when it is placed in the Ascendant of Aries or Libra then the native may suffer from baldness. According to astrology, the person can control this problem if he wears Blue Sapphire or Emerald.

Diabetes and Gemstone Therapy
According to Vedic astrology, a person may face the problem of diabetes when there are more than 2 malefic planets in the sign Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. This problem may occur when Jupiter is placed in the 6th house with the Ascendant lord or there are more than 2 malefic planets in the sign Libra. When the 8th lord and the 6th lord exchange their houses then there is a fear of this disease. The native should wear Yellow Sapphire which is "Pukhraj" and Coral to protect himself from this problem.

Dental Problems and Gemstone Therapy
Jupiter is the lord of the teeth. If Jupiter becomes inauspicious then the native may face problems in his teeth. According to astrology, when Jupiter is in a debilitated sign and placed in the 2nd,  9th or the 12th house then the person will face teeth related problems. Coral and Yellow Sapphire will be beneficial. If he wears a bracelet of iron, then he will get beneficial effects.

High Blood Pressure and Gemstone Therapy
Moon is the lord of the heart and when Moon becomes malefic then this disease may occur in the person. The person who has a combination of Saturn, Sun, Moon, Venus, Rahu and Mars in the sign Cancer in his birth-chart may also suffer from this problem. Similarly, when Rahu and Ketu are combined with Moon then he may face the problem of high blood pressure. The presence of malefic planets in Gemini gives this problem too. If he wants to protect himself from this disease then he should wear Coral of 8-9 rattis. He can also wear gemstones of the Moon which are Opal, Moonstone and Pearl with Coral.

Tuberculosis and Gemstone Therapy
Tuberculosis is a very infectious disease but it's easily curable and can easily be cured with proper medicine. If a person wears gemstones during his medical treatment, he will get better results. According to astrology if Moon, Saturn and Jupiter are placed in the Gemini or Mars and Ketu becomes malefic in Aquarius then this disease may be present or may be more infectious. People who suffers from this problem should wear Yellow Sapphire, Coral or Pearl.

Problems in the leg and Gemstone Therapy
Saturn is the lord of the legs according to Vedic Jyotish. The native may get problem in his legs due to the malefic effects of Saturn. If Saturn and Sun are placed in the 6th house in the birth-chart then he may have problems in legs. When Rahu, Ketu, Sun and Saturn placed in the watery signs which are Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces then he may have skin diseases in his legs.

He should wear Amethyst, Blue Sapphire and Yellow Sapphire if he wants to get relief from the leg related problems.

Skin Disease and Gemstone Therapy

Venus is the lord of skin. The inauspiciousness of Mars and Jupiter in relationship to Venus gives problems like itching, ringworms and eczema says Vedic Astrology. The combination of Mars and Sun in the birth-chart creates problems related to skin. The native may have skin related problems due to malefic Mars too.

If he wants to protect himself then he should wear Diamond, Quartz, Opal or Coral.

Piles and Gemstone Therapy
Piles is the disease of the excretory system and the 7th house is the house that governs the excretory system. People who have the presence of malefic planets in the 7th house they may have this problem and the aspect of Mars makes this problem more complicated. Similarly, placement of malefic planet in Scorpio which is the sign of Mars in the birth-chart also increases possibility of this disease. Combination of Saturn and Rahu in the 8th house and combination of Sun and Moon in the 12th house increases the chances of piles.

The person should wear Pearl, Moonstone or Coral if he want to get relief from this disease.

Note: Please also take advice from a gem specialist before wearing a gemstone.
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