Manglik Dosha - Inauspicious Effects of Mars


Generally, birth-charts of the bride and groom are compared for 'Astrological Compatibility' to know if both of them will have a happy lifelong relationship. Both the bride and groom and their families may get into a situation of dilemma if Mars is located 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house causing trouble in marriage. Due to the inauspicious position of Mars  (Manglik Dosha)  both the families may have to lose a good alliance and their dreams may not get translated into the reality

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Marriage and Manglik Dosha
Mangal-Dosha is also known as Manglik Dosha. It is a much feared combination for marriage but it does not give only malefic results all the time. In fact position of other planets may remove the influence of Manglik Dosha. Mangalik Dosha has an influence only when both the birth and Moon ascendant gets effected by Mars. Its a myth that only the planet Mars increases instability in married life as other planets apart from Mars influence the married life too.

How to Defeat Manglik Dosha
Manglik dosha is more troublesome for us, especially when we don't have accurate knowledge about the planet Mars. That's why people say that 'little knowledge is a dangerous thing'. Various research and studies in astrology have been done into the phenomenon of Maglik dosha. They have concluded that Manglik-dosha isn't inauspicious always. Studies also say that the malefic impact of Manglik dosha get reduced, when Saturn or Mercury aspects the planet Mars.

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Alignment of planet Mars with Moon and Rahu also reduces the malefic influence of Mars.

Note: The native gets influenced from Mangalik Dosha only if Mars is placed is badly placed in the Moon chart, during the time the marriage is considered. Try remedies of Mangalik-Dosha instead of getting worried about it. Manglik dosha can be reduced using remedies recommended in Vedic Astrology.

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