Role of Planetary Combinations in Love Marriage


According to Vedic Astrology, positive combination of planets help you marry the person you love.

When two people love each other they have the desire to live together and marry each other. But everybody is not lucky to marry the one they love. Some may succeed and some may not succeed in marrying their beloved. Vedic astrology considers planet yogas responsible for this. Let us see what role planetary combinations plays regarding love marriage in the birth-chart.

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is the significator of love. If Venus is in conjunction with the Ascendant, 5th, 7th, and 11th house then the person is very romantic. Love is a different thing and its conversion into marriage is different. According to Vedic Astrology, the 5th house is the house of love and the 7th house is the house of marriage. When both the houses form a relationship, then two lovers will tie the knot to marry each other. If the 5th house forms an auspicious relationship with the 9th house, two lovers will be blessed to marry each other and live happily ever after.
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Its not necessary that love marriage will be possible in only these circumstances. If there is no such combination in your birth-chart then there may be other combinations because of which you will have a successful love-life and will get your love as your life partner. If the lord of fifth house, Venus is placed in the seventh house or in its own house there is a possibility of love marriage.

In addition, love marriage is also possible when Venus is placed in the Ascendant or in the Moon chart it is placed in the 5th house. Navmansh Kundali is considered as the body of the birth-chart. If there is no such yoga for love marriage in your birth-chart, but there is a combination of the 7th and 9th lord in the Navmansh kundali, then there are high chances of love marriage. Similarly, If Venus is placed in the Ascendant along with the Ascendant-lord, there is a very strong chance for love-marriage. Saturn and Ketu are the malefic planets but their combination in the 7th house is benefic for the lovers.

If the 5th lord is in conjunction or has its aspect on the 7th lord, the person will have a love-marriage. If Ascendant lord is combined with Moon in the Ascendant or the 7th lord is combined with Moon in the 7th house, it creates the yoga for love marriage. If the lord of the 7th house is in its own house then its lordship helps in love marriage. Due to the influence of malefic planets on the 11th house, the person may not able to marry his love but if it is free from the inauspicious influence of the malefic planets, he will marry the one he loves.



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