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Entangling Business of Gemstone

Every person has an innate desire to live a life full of pleasure but you will get happiness or sorrow results only according to your destiny. Even if God happens to be born on Earth he will have to undergo the same game of fate.

We tend to try various remedies to reduce our problems and approach astrologers so that they can look at our birth-charts and investigate the factors that are causing the trouble in our lives. We even get Yagnas done and wear gemstones. These remedies prove to be helpful at some extent but all the problems don't vanish away completely.

When problems continue to disturb us then we start losing faith in gemstone astrology. But sometimes it is not astrology but it's application that is at fault, for example when you wear a wrong lucky gemstone. You need to be very cautious while purchasing a lucky  gemstone as artificial and original stones both appear to be very similar but only a real gemstone will have an effect.

Where to Buy
You should not buy lucky gemstones from an unknown place and  preferably try to buy it from a trustworthy establishment or person who also has deep knowledge of lucky gemstones.  Do a quick survey of the market rate before purchasing lucky gemstones, it will help you get an idea about the authentic source of lucky gemstones. Do not purchase a broken or spotted stone otherwise the auspiciousness of the stone may get reduced and it may have adverse impact as well.
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Colors of lucky Gemstone
While making  purchase of a lucky gemstone analyze the color of gemstone and check if the entire stone is of same color or not. Reflective and splendorous  gemstones are more effective then faded and depressive ones. But it doesn't mean that you should purchase dark colored stones because they also have lower effectiveness. You can also analyze authenticity of lucky gemstones through their colors or spectroscope.

Transparency in Colors
Transparency is the specialty of gemstone. If a lucky gemstone has high transparency then it will be more precious and will cost high as well. But the coral is the only gemstone which is expensive even having no transparency. Transparency of gemstone also depends on the place it is reaped from as the amount of chemicals in the lucky  gemstones differs from area to area.

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