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Sun is the king of all planets. Lal Kitab considers Sun as the lord of the first house.

According to Lal Kitab, Sun is the most powerful planet among all the nine planets of the zodiac. All the nine planets revolve around the Sun. In Vedic Astrology, Sun is regarded as the supreme planet. According to the Astrology, the world is influenced by the signs, Nakshatra and planets in direction relation to the Sun.

Sun is the lord of the birth-sign Leo and it is also the Mool-Trikon sign for Sun. Sun does is never retrograde. Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries and debilitated in Libra. Sun is a friend of Moon, Mars and Jupiter whereas it is neutral with Mercury. The enemy planets of Sun are Venus, Rahu and Ketu. Sun aspects the seventh house from it. If Sun is in the first house in the birth chart of the native, he will be enriched with good qualities and stable in his behavior. Sun may give gastric problems to the native. The person influenced by Sun is often very short tempered. The person will also be very serious towards his life and will hav self-respect. Sun also gives strong will-power and leadership qualities to the native.

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If the Sun is malefic in the birth-chart, the person will be very egoistic and short tempered as well as rigid in nature. The right side of the body is also influenced by Sun such as right eye, heart and bones. The Sun will also give you inner strength, patience and health. If Sun is malefic it causes diseases, mental stress, heart and eyes related problems. Lal Kitab specifies that if in any house Sun is with Moon, Mars and Mercury it makes an auspicious combination. If Sun has its influence on the Fifth house, the person will be very fortunate. If Sun is strong and auspicious in the birth-chart the person will be have a high government post or be a state officer.

Remedies of Sun in Lal Kitab
Lal Kitab considers Sun as a very important planet. It says that if Sun is auspicious in the birth-chart of the native it will have its influence throughout his life. Lal Kitab gives remedies according to the position of Sun in the house. If Sun is auspicious in the house then to maintain the auspiciousness of the Sun you should use the remedies and if it is malefic in the house then you should do the remedies as treatment. To maintain the auspiciousness of Sun in the first house you should cast jaggery in running water for 40 to 43 days. For the Sun in second house, you should donate things related to Sun such as wheat, jaggery and brass on Sundays. For the Sun in third house, you should feed wheat flour to red ants every day. If Sun is in the fourth house, then you should donate things related to Moon such as silver, rice and white clothes.

If Sun is malefic in the fifth house, you should chant "Gayantri Mantra" every day. It will be beneficial. To maintain the auspiciousness of Sun in the sixth house, you should keep things related to Moon beside your pillow while sleeping. For auspiciousness in the seventh house you should serve a black cow. In the eight house, you should cast jaggery running water on Sundays. In the ninth house, do not take anything free of cost from anyone and chant 'Aaditya Hridaya Stotra'. In the tenth house, cast coins of brass in the river. In the eleventh house, you can use the remedies of Saturn. And in the twelfth house, you should have faith in god and try the remedies so that the soul of your ancestors will rest in peace.



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