Business and Money in your Birth-Chart


Everybody needs a livelihood to lead a smooth life. The native will not have to face much difficulty in achieving success if he chooses the correct occupation. Let us see how Astrology helps you in choosing the right occupation.

Business or Service
Normally we get confused while choosing between a job and a business as career option. According to astrology if the planets are in a weak position at 2nd, 5th, 9th,10th or 11th house then you may have to take up job as a career option but if these have strong planets houses then you will join a business.

Profession and Financial Status in the Second House
In birth-chart, the 2nd house is considered to assess financial status of a person. The 11th house is considered to predict the career option which will get success for you. This house also indicates the possibility of success or failure in partnership business.

Profession and Finance in the Fourth to the Seventh House
The fourth house in birth-chart indicates income through ancestral property, whereas the fifth house gives benefits or sudden monetary profits. You have prospects of earning income through lottery if the planets in 5th house are strong or exalted. Alliance of the fifth and seventh house determines whether the native would join a business in partnership or become an independent entrepreneur. The seventh house in is considered to know about the amount of assistance and profits native will get from his/her in-laws.
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Finance and Profession in the Eighth to the Twelfth House
In the birth-chart the eighth house is considered an inauspicious house but this house can also tell you about your income level. The eighth  house reflects the possibility of sudden profits through gambling or through the help of a woman.

The ninth house is considered to predict about the results native will get through his/her fortune. The tenth house is the house of duty(Karma) and considered to predict the native's occupation, this house also determines the possibility of fetching profits from government. The twelfth house is associated with expenditure and compatibility in income and expenditure can be assessed through the twelfth house.

Planets and Profession in the Tenth House
You will fetch profits from ancestral property if there is an alliance of Moon and Sun in the 10th house in birth-chart. This position of Sun determines whether you will join your family business or not. Moon placed in 10th house increases the possibility of profits from mother and maternal side. Mars placed in 10th house increases the possibility of success in the business of armaments or department of defense services.

Mercury placed in 10th house gives you assistance from your friends and Jupiter will get the assistance of your siblings for you. You will also gain profits in areas associated with Jupiter.

Venus gives you benefits in the field of arts and cosmetics. You will achieve success only through your hard work if Saturn is placed in the 10th house.



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