Krishna Murti Stellar System


The Krishnamurti System ( K P System ) is a system based on NAKSHATRA JYOTISH, STELLAR VEDIC ASTROLOGY derived after the name of great Tamil astrology research scholar Prof. K .S . Krishnamurti.

Prof.Krishnamurti brought a revolution in the field of astrology. He studied the ancient Sanskrit texts and elucidated the knowledge scientifically. The K P System is based on Nakshatra (Constellation or star), lord and their sub divisions. Prof. Krishnamurti Discovered the method of Horary Astrology and Natal astrology, which helps provide clear, concise, accurate and correct prediction, results. This method is logical and gives a complete scientific approach to astrology.

All the other Predictive Astrology systems give importance to The RASHI (SIGN) "the 1/12th part of The Zodiac- 30 degree each" .No other system goes further Deeply in zodiac, after the Rashi.

The Nakshatra (Constellation) is further division of The Zodiac, the 1/27th Part -13 degree 20 min each of the arch. This division is based on the average daily motion of the Moon .

These Nakshatra are groups of stars or a major star, which are at a great distance from our Solar system.

Cosmic energy radiated by these stars are reflected by our solar family planets and influence our worldly matters.

Prof. Krishnamurti found that two or more planets in the same RASHI (SIGN) and same BHAV (HOUSE) in different horoscopes give varying results. WHY ?

There are three fully or partially Nakshatra in the span of a 30deg.-area of a Rashi (Sign). K.P. found signification of planet in the horoscope depend on the Nakshatra in which it is posited.

Again K.P. researched that two or three planet in the same sign and same Nakshatra give the opposite results in the same matter, i.e. one planet Gives sound health, other gives illness. One gives marriage, other gives Divorce.

Prof. Krishnamurti further researched deeply and analyzed the vast span (13deg.20min.) of the Nakshatra and further divided zodiac into 249 parts with the help of certain formulas. These 249 division are called "SUB" and their lord' "SUB LORD"

Prof.Krishnamurti conclude that the Nakshatra in which any planet is posited gives only the signification of "HOUSE" (Health house, Money house, Love house, Marriage house etc.)

But the ultimate result may be positive or negative, benefic or malefic helpful or harmful is decided by the "SUB" in which that planet is posited.

Next he research on role of Ruling Planets in selection of fruitful planets for materlise any specific event i.e. marriage, birth of child, travel, job, business, promotion, recovery of health etc.

With his theory pinpoint of timing of event become easier, find out significators of effective houses, select fruitful significators, with the help of sub lord and ruling planet, see when Vinshottari mahadasha, antar dasha ( bhukti ), pratyantar dasha and sookshm dasha will operate, and transit of those planets, at that time.

Major Differences From Vedic : KP system gives importance to the Constellations / Stars / Nakshatras divisions of the Zodiac which is obviously the most desired for precision.

Further it divides each Constellation / Star / Nakshatra division into further 9 subdivisions called 'SUBS'. These sub divisions are not equal divisions, but are as per the Vimshottari Dashas Divisions System.

K.P. System uses K.P. Ayanamshas as opposed to Lahiri Ayanamshas mostly used in Vedic System. The difference between two is about 6 minutes (Kala).

This system uses Cusps that is house/ bhav beginnings like Western Systems, as opposed to Vedic System which uses House Centres i.e. Bhav Madhyas.

This system uses Placidus House system.

The planet in it's dasha gives results as per it's Nakshtra-Swami (Star-Lord) rather than the planet itself.

Whether the above results will be benefic or malefic will be decided by the Planet's SUB.

Hence Planet is represents the SOURCE, that Planet's Star-Lord represents the EFFECTS, RESULTS and that Planet's Sub gives idea of the FINAL DIRECTION of that result.

RULING PLANETS : Unique Concept of KP for Powerful Divine Guidance during predictions



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