Astrological Remedies for Planets


According to Vedic astrology, the planets regularly influence our life. If planets are weak or debilitated in the birth-chart, then they give their opposite effects on our life. We can prevent the inauspiciousness of planets through remedies mentioned in astrology.

Remedies for Inauspicious and Weaker Sun

If Sun is debilitated or inauspicious in the birth-chart, then you should donate a cow with calf. Donation of jaggery, gold, copper and wheat will give beneficial results. Donation of the gemstone of Sun will also give better results. Astrology says that donation will only give good results when done on auspicious time and to deserving people. You should donate products of Sun on Sunday noon to a person who is 40 - 50 years old.

Fast on Sunday for peace of Sun. You should feed wheat and jaggery to a cow. Feeding kheer of jaggery to a Brahman or a poor person also reduces the malefic effects of Sun.

If Sun is weak in your birth-chart, then serve your father and other elders. Lord Sun appreciates this. Perform Surya Namaskar in early morning to get a relief from the opposite effects of Sun.

"Should Not Do" if Sun is Weak and Inauspicious in the Birth-chart
If Sun is weak or debilitated in the birth-chart and disturbs you, then you should not eat wheat and jaggery. Besides this, you should not wear copper, otherwise you may get problems from its associated field.

Remedies For Weaker and Inauspicious Moon

You may face problems related to if Moon is debilitated or slow in your birth-chart. Donate shell to reduce the malefic effects of Moon. Apart from this, donation of white cloth, silver, rice, cooked rice or milk will also be beneficial for the native. Give water to a thirsty person and the opposite effects of Moon will lessen. You can also donate the gemstone of Moon to get benefic effects.Monday evening is the best time for donating the products of Moon. Astrology suggests that Moon products should be donated to women.

Fast on Mondays if Moon is weak in your birth-chart. Feed dough to a cow and cooked rice with sugar to a crow. You should give kheer of milk to the Brahman or poor people.

Hospitality also improves the position of Moon. Therefore, serve your mother or motherly figure or old women.

"Should Not Do" if Moon is Weak and Maleficent:
According to astrology, you should not drink milk everyday, if you are suffering from weak or inauspicious Moon. You should not wear white clothes. Also do not use perfume. Don't wear the gemstone of Moon.

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Remedies For Manglik Dosha and Inauspicious Mars

Astrology mentions some remedies for the peace of Mars. Donate ox of red color if you are suffering from inauspicious Mars. You should donate red cloth, gold, black gram, sugar coins, sweet chapati and the gemstone of Mars to reduce the malefic effects of Mars. The auspicious time of donation is Tuesday noon.

Fast on Tuesdays and offer food to the Brahman or poor person. Meditation for 10 to 15 minutes everyday will be beneficial for you. You may have less patience due to Mars. Therefore,

Remedies For Weaker and Maleficent Mercury

According to astrology you should donate gold for peace of Mercury. Donation of green cloth, green vegetables, black gram and products of green color will also give auspicious results. Donation of green colored bangles and clothes to centaurs will be auspicious for you in this period. Donation of products of Mercury also reduces the malefic effects of Mercury. Vedic astrology considers Wednesday noon as auspicious time of donation.

Other Remedies For Mercury
Fast on Wednesdays to improve the position of Mercury. Feed green grass and green leaves to a cow and kheer of milk to the Brahman. Enchanting the jap of the lord Vishnu Sahasrnam will also improve the position of Mercury. Besides Sunday, water the Tulsi plant and you will get auspicious results. You will also get good results if you help orphans and poor students. Adopt good behavior towards your aunt, sister and cousin to achieve good results.

Remedies for Weak and Inauspicious Jupiter

Jupiter is the guru of all the planets. According to astrology, donation is the best of all remedies. Donate products like sugar, banana, yellow cloth, saffron, salt, sweets, turmeric, yellow flower, food and gemstone to reduce the malefic effects of Jupiter. Also the donation must be made on Thursday in morning time only. Donate to Brahmans, gurus or priests to get better results.

Other Astrological Remedies For Jupiter
Fast on Thursdays. People who have a weaker Jupiter, should donate banana and yellow color sweets to poor people and birds, especially crows. Make curd rice and feed it to poor people and Brahmans. Besides Sunday and Thursday, water the roots of Peepal tree. Jupiter lives in gurus, priests and teachers. Serve them to reduce the malefic effects of Jupiter. Do not have a banana or keep it in the bedroom of people suffering from Jupiter, otherwise their problems may increase. Be cautious in this situation.

Astrological Remedies For Weaker and Inauspicious Venus

Venus is the brightest of all the planets. Venus is also the symbol of love. If this planet is inauspicious, then donate a white horse to bring peace to it. Donation of colored clothes, silk fabrics, pure ghee, perfume, sugar, edible oil, and sandal wood also reduces the ill effects of Venus. Donation of its gemstone will also be beneficial for you. Donate these products to a young woman on Friday evening to get auspicious results.

Other Astrological Remedies For Venus
Fast on Fridays if you have any problems in fields associated with Venus. Offer sweets and kheer to the poor people and crows. Feed ghee rice to Brahmans and poor people. Feed one part of your meal to a cow. Do not use products of Venus such as perfume, ghee and perfumed oil. Also do not waste your time in selecting your garments.

Remedies For Weaker and Maleficent Saturn

If Saturn is inauspicious in the birth-chart, then you may face Dhaiyya, Sadesati and Kantak Shani dosha. A person suffering from this dosha may face many tough situations. Astrology suggests some remedies for Saturn such as donation, meditation and others. If Saturn is inauspicious or weaker in your birth-chart, then donate a black cow. You should donate black clothes, black gram (chickpea), black sesame, leather shoes, salt, mustard oil, iron, land for farming, utensils, grains and gemstone of Saturn. Also it is very important to donate only on Saturday evening to poor and old people.
Other Astrological Remedies For Saturn
According to Vedic astrology, fasts on Fridays and Saturdays will protect you from the malefic effects of Saturn. Make curd rice in an iron utensil, mix salt in this and feed it to beggars and crows. Put salt and mustard oil on a chapati and give it to a crow. Cook rice and sesame, and serve it to a Brahman. You should feed one part of your meal to a crow.

If you are suffering from maleficent Saturn, then read Hanuman chalisa, shanistrotam path and enchant the jap of Mahamrityunjay mantra. Adopt good behavior towards poor and old people and workers. Wearing a peacock feather also reduces the malefic effects of Saturn.

"Should not do" If Saturn is debilitated or Weak in the Birth-Chart
A person having maleficent Saturn in his birth-chart should not have a discriminating attitude towards poor and old people and servants. He should not have salt or salted products. He should not eat or drink products made in mustard oil, sesame and alcohol. He should not do savings on Saturday and should not sleep on the floor.

He should wear a ring of shoe of a black horse and of a boat nail to reap beneficial results. Afterwards take an advice from any good priest and pray.

This remedy is good for people who are suffering from Sadesati or any other dosha.

Remedies For Weaker and Inauspicious Rahu

Like Saturn, Rahu is also known as the maleficent planet. The person suffering from this planet may face many difficulties and problems. Of all the remedies, donation is most important. Donate iron weapons, blue cloth, blanket, iron sheet, sesame, mustard oil, electronic equipments, coconut and reddish to get auspicious results. Give red grains to sweepers. Donate gemstone of Rahu if you are suffering from inauspicious Rahu.
Other Remedies For Rahu
The person who has an inauspicious Rahu in his birth-chart should fast on Saturdays. He should feed sweet chapatis to crows, and rice and non- vegetarian food to the poor people. He should help a person suffering from leprosy. He should help a poor person in his marriage. He should place barley besides his pillow, and donate it in the morning to get benefic results.

Be Cautious from These Products in the Period of Rahu
Drinking alcohol and eating tobacco will give opposite results. Therefore, maintain a distance from these things. Do no live in a joint family if you are troubled by Rahu.

Remedies for Debilitated and Weaker Ketu

Mythology considers Rahu and Ketu as two parts of a body. Astrology considers Ketu a malefic planet. Therefore, people suffering from Ketu will reap inauspicious results. According to Vedic astrology, the person should donate a goat to get beneficial results. Donation of blankets, iron weapons, sesame and products of brown color will also reduce the malefic effects of Ketu. Donating a calf and the gemstone of Rahu is also good in the period of Ketu. A person whose children face problems due to Ketu, should donate blankets in the temple.

Other Remedies for Ketu
Fast on Saturday and Tuesday for peace of Ketu. Feed a dog and cooked rice to Brahmans. Do not share your feelings. Serve your elders and saints to get relief from Ketu.

Remedies for Kalsarpa Dosha

Kalsarpa Dosha is formed due to Rahu and Ketu. You may achieve the height of success in your life, even if you are suffering from Kalsarpa dosha. But, someday it will bring you back to earth, and you will become a failure. You should prevent this dosha and enchant the Mahamrityunjay mantra. You will reap beneficial results if you read Sarpa Mantra and Sarp Sukta. You should try some remedies to make the first, fifth and ninth house strong.



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