Symptoms and Remedies of Saturn's Sadhe Sati


We tend to blame Saturn for difficult times in our lives. But there can be other reasons too. It is easy to know whether problems are due to Saturn’s Sadhe Sati or something else. Here we will discuss symptoms and remedies of Sadhe Sati.

Every yellow metal is not gold, and in the same way every problem is not due to Saturn’s fury. Weakness of other planets can also cause hurdles in the path of your success. It is important to identify the cause of a problem and if Saturn turns out to be the root of every problem, steps to reduce its ill effects must be taken.

Saturn’s Sadhe sati is accompanied with certain types of events, which indicate that Sadhe Sati is going on. For instance, incidents like falling of some part of the house, most members of the family falling ill, sudden fire in the house, frequent insults, women of the house visiting doctors often. You solve one problem and next one is ready to haunt you. You fail in business and profession. Family members are tempted to eat non-vegetarian food and consume alcohol. There are regular fights in the family. You are held responsible for issues without any reason. Such incidents in everyday life indicate Saturn Sadhe sati. You must take measures to deal with this situation. Astrologers can recommend many ways but decide as per your comfort and capability. Some of the suitable measures are mentioned below:

Saturn is a devotee of God Shankar so you can escape his fury by regularly worshiping God Shiva. Offering water to pipal will calm Saturn. Pipal is said to be the home of all Gods. Pipal puja with tel and til on Amavasya (new moon) and Saturday in Anuradha Nakshatra is also rewarding. You must also recite Shani Satotra regularly.

Praying to lord Hanuman will also please Saturn. You can feed bananas and gram to monkeys to avert Sadhe sati. Wearing a ring made from a nail of the base of a boat or black horse shoe can also be helpful. Iron utensils, black clothes, mustard oil, leather shoes, black kajal, black gram, black til, black urad are some of the things related to Saturn. Donating and using these things on Saturdays makes him happy. Wearing black clothes on Saturdays is another good option.

You can take all these measures to get rid of your problems. Observing fasts on Saturdays for God Saturn, floating coconut and almond in water on Saturdays, reciting Shani mantra 108 times everyday and anointment of Shiva with Mahamartyunjay Mantra will also please Saturn.

Everyone faces problems in life but a winner defeats them and moves ahead. Be so strong that problems are scared to face you.

There is no need to be afraid of Sadhe sati. You can come out of it by taking some basic measures.



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