Chaughadia: The Instant Muhurtha


In the today's era, people like things which are easy to use, carry and easily available in the market. Small, wireless and light weighted mobiles have replaced heavy wired phones. Big computers are converted into small laptops, which look like notebooks. Cars and buses have replaced the bull-cart.

1. Demands of Changing Times:
As times change, products are becoming simpler and comfortable. Mud utensils are converted into unbreakable utensils, used to cook in the microwave. Time changes everything. But nobody can change time.

2. According to the Time:
A person should perform his acts according to the time to achieve success in life. The person who does not understand the value of time will not able to achieve success, respect and fame in the world.

3. What is the Chaughadia Muhurutha?
Muhuruthas in astrology also change according to the time. Today, instant Muhuruthas are in practice. Chaughadia Muhurutha is one of these Muhuruthas. This Muhurutha is mostly used in Gujarat and western states of India.

4. Its Importance of Chaughadia:
This is used to find the right time to begin auspicious and important events. For example, Chaughadia Muhurutha is used to find the Muhurutha for beginning new business. There are different types of Muhuruthas used for different purposes.

5. Other Consequences of Chaughadia Muhurutha:
Some are general Muhuruthas which are used for common acts, such as, Muhurutha for robes, cereal incision etc. And some are associated with the Tithis and Vaars. Some Muhuruthas are related to sale-purchase, lending, shop and land etc. The sixteen Muhuruthas are associated with the Sixteen Sanskars of the person. There are some other Muhuruthas which are related to the planet Muhurutha, rain Muhurutha and traveling Muhurutha etc. Astrology has many types of Muhuruthas used for different works.

6. Calculation of Chaughadia Muhurutha:
To find the Chaughadia Muhurutha, 24 hours of a day should be divided into 16 parts. One part is of one and half hour. Each part of the finding time is known as Chaughadia. This is the easiest way to find Muhurutha. The best thing of this Muhurutha is that the results are very accurate. Through Chaughadia Muhurutha, we can find eight Muhuruthas of noon and 112 Muhuruthas of day and night.
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7. Types Of Chaughadia Muhurutha are as follows:
  • 1. Udveg
  • 2. Amrit
  • 3. Rog
  • 4. Labh
  • 5. Shubh
  • 6. Char
  • 7. Kaal
  • 8. Udveg

8. Analysis: When to Use Chaughadia Muhurutha
Udveg Kaal is an inauspicious Kaal for Muhurutha, Amrit is good, Rog is bad, Labh and Shubh are good, Char is medium and Kaal is the bad Muhurutha.

The shubh kaal is used to perform good acts. But an auspicious work should not begin in the bad time, which is Kaal. Char Kaal is generally auspicious for traveling.

These Muhuruthas are also influenced by the auspicious Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra and Karan and other yogas formed in a day. For example, Pushya Nakshatra in all the nakshatras is considered for auspicious events. If Amrit Kaal is present during this Nakshatra then it will incur good results.

Chaughadia Muhurutha Chakra should be used to find Chaughadia Muhurutha, which will easily determine auspicious and inauspicious time of day and night. Dishashoola Yoga should also be considered when you find Chaughadia Muhurutha. For example, if the lord of the Chaughadia Muhurutha is the Karak of Dishashool in the Muhurutha determined for travel, then the person should not travel in that Muhurutha.
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