Muhurat : Muhurta for the foundation of Tube well or Pond


According to scriptures Lord Varuna is the God of water. Sometimes after setting up a tubewell, we find that either no or very little water flows from it. Or after digging a pond, either the water is scarce or bitter and not suitable for use. And we have to do the whole work again.

Therefore, to avoid these situations you should consider Muhurtha for digging pond or tube well. Let us discuss the auspicious Muhurtha to dig out pond or tube well and how to obtain it.
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1. Analysis on Nakshatra
To dig a tube well or pond, Uttrafalguni, Uttrashadha, Uttra Bhadrapad, Rohini, Anuradha, Hast, SatBhisha, Magha, PurvaSadha, Raivti, Mrigshira and Pushya are considered auspicious. Therefore, digging pond or tube well in the presence of one of these Nakshatra is favorable.

2. Analysis on Ascendant
Astrologers say that to dig pond or tube well you should also consider the position of Ascendant. If the Ascendant is strong in the birth-chart, and Mercury or Jupiter is also located in the Ascendant, or Venus is in the tenth house, and Moon is in the Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces sign on the day of digging, then this Yoga is auspicious for this work.

3. Analysis on Tithi
You can dig Pond or Tube well on any tithi except in rikta tithis. They are fourth, ninth and fourteenth. These tithis are considered inauspicious to do any important work.
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