Chesta Bala- the Fourth part of Six parts of Shad Bala

Ayan Bala is the Chesta bala of Sun and Paksha bala is the Chesta bala of Moon. Like Sun and Moon, all the planets transit in the zodiac in eight ways and that is the Chesta bala of these planets. Generally, Planets move in three ways in the zodiac: slow, average and fast. The other forms of their movements are stable, regression and transit in the signs. If a planet is located in one sign, it also transits in its previous and the next sign.

Retrograde Motion
The planets which transit in retrograde motion are strong within Chesta bala. They also get higher scores within Chesta bala. The maximum score of planet is 60. Retrograde Motion is called Vakra.
Planets move in retrograde motion in zodiac in two ways: one which you already know and the other one is known as Anuvakra. If the planet retrogrades in any sign it enters into its previous sign. As a result, the planet gets the score of 30.

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Stationary Planets
The planet which is stable in its direction is known as stationary planet. This situation comes when a planet transits from retrograde to direct and direct to retrograde motion. The stationary planets get 15 score within Chesta bala i.e. 25%. This kind of motion is called nervous.

Direct Motion
According to the Hora Shastra, there are total five types of direct motion. The first type of direct motion is called Manda Tara. It occurs when the planet is in slow motion. As a result, planet gets 15 score i.e. 25%.

Another type of Direct motion is Manda. The motion of planet in this stage is called Manda, even though they move with an average speed. In this motion planet gets 50% score i.e. score of 30.

In direct motion planet transits with normal speed called Sam. The motion of planet is normal when they move with an average speed. In this motion planet gets score of 7.5.

When Planet transits in fast motion it is called Chara. The planets in chara motion get 75% of Chesta bala and score of 45.

A special chara motion is Atichara. The planet is called Atichara, when in transit it enters into the next sign from Chara. Atichara planets get 50% score, their total score is 30.