Importance of Directions in Vastushastra


There are four directions: North, South, East and West. Apart from these four directions, there are other four intermediate directions in Vastushastra. Space and the Nethermost world (Patal) are also included as directions. That's why Vastushastra considers ten directions in total. The intermediate directions are the North-east(Ishan), fire area (Aganya), South-west (Nairitya) and North-west (Vayavya).

East Direction in Vastushastra
East is the most important direction in Vastushastra, as Sun rises from the east. Lord Indra is associated with East. Try to keep this direction wide open while constructing the house. It is assumed that prosperity enters the house from East. If this direction is imperfect as per Vastu, then people living in the house may get disturbed due to health problems and may undergo distress.

Agnaye Direction in Vastushastra
The South-east direction is called Agnaye in Vastushastra. The Lord of fire rules this direction. There may be an environment of strife and stress in your family, if there is imperfect adoption of Vastushashstra in this direction. You may have to face financial losses. You may also have mental stress if you have not constructed your house as per Vastu. South-east direction is very appropriate to construct a kitchen, as this direction is benefic for tasks associated with fire.

South Direction in Vastushastra
Yam is the lord of South direction, and it symbolizes happiness and prosperity. Southern side of the house should not be left vacant. Improper construction in south, as per Vastu, may create difficulties in your profession. You may lose your respect among people. According to Vastushastra, the owner of the house should reside in this direction, as this is the most auspicious direction for him/her.

Nairitya Direction in Vastushastra
The South-west direction is called Nairitya in Vastushastra. Errors in the construction may cause health ailments and mental stress. Imperfect construction, as per Vastu, may also corrupt your behavior towards others. Try to increase the weight of this direction during the construction of house. Demon is the lord of South-West side. If construction of this side is flawless as per Vastu, then residents of such house will enjoy healthy and prestigious life.

West Direction in Vastushastra
Lord Varuna owns the West direction. West side of the building should not be left vacant, as hefty construction in this direction gives auspicious results. If the construction is not as per Vastu, it may influence your married life. You may have disagreements with your spouse. Flaws in the construction of building may displease your business partners, and you may have conflict with them. If the construction at the West side of the building is according to Vastu, then it will bring name, fame, honor, happiness and prosperity to your family.
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Vayavya Direction in Vastushastra
The North-west direction is called as Vayavya in Vastushastra. The lord of Wind (Vayu Deva) owns the North-west direction. Appropriate construction at North-western side will get assistance, affection and respect from others. On the contrary, if the construction is inconsistent in accordance to Vastu, then you may lose your respect in society. You may also get involved in any judicial affair.

North Direction in Vastushastra
Similar to the East, vacant and massless North side of building is also considered auspicious in Vastushastra. Lord Kuber (Lord of Wealth) owns this direction. There will be an increase in your wealth and glory, if the construction of this direction is according to Vastu. But you may have to face financial crisis if the construction is imperfect. There is also a possibility of lack of assistance and affection among family members.

Ishan Direction in Vastushastra
The North-east direction is known as Ishan in Vastushastra. Lord Brahma (the creator) and lord Shiva own this direction. Doors and windows towards North-east are very auspicious. Errors in construction, as per Vastu, may corrupt your thoughts. You may also face financial instability. These kinds of construction errors are not favorable for children as well.

Consistent architecture of building as per Vastushatra will increase your cognitive capacities. Peace and prosperity will reside in your house. Appropriate construction at North-eastern side of the house is favorable for children.

Space in Vastushastra
According to Vastushastra, Lord Shiva owns the space. Vastushastra associates the space with the constructions or objects that are located nearby the building. These objects or constructions include shadows of trees, another house, temple, pillar. The influence of such shadows falls over the residents of building.

Nether-most-World(Patal) in Vastushastra
According to Vastu, things buried underneath the house influence residents of the house. Normally, influence of such things is effective till third floor. So it is important to analyze the piece of land before the construction of building. Negligence of such facts may increase restlessness and disturbance among people residing in the house. There is also a possibility that people living in the house may have inauspicious dreams or face financial instability.

Residents of such house may experience turmoil in their family environment.



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