Muhurtha for the Opening Ceremony of Shop


The owner of the shop wants his shop to run well. Astrologers believe that it happens when a person does not consider an auspicious Muhurtha for the opening ceremony of his shop and open it in the inauspicious Muhurtha.

They say when you are planning to open or own a shop, you should consider the Muhurtha. If the Muhurtha is auspicious only then you should think about opening the shop or else wait for the auspicious Muhurtha. Let us know which is the auspicious Muhurtha for opening of the shop and how to consider the Muhurtha in this concern.

1. Consideration of Nakshatra
Nakshtra is considered to assess the auspicious Muhurtha for the opening ceremony of the shop. All the stable Nakshatras such as Uttrafalguni, Uttrashadha, Uttra Bhadrapad and Rohini. Saumya Nakshatra such as Mrigshira, Raivti, Chitra and Anuradha. Laghu Nakshatra such as Hast, Ashwani, Pushya and Abhijeet Nakshatra are considered auspicious Nakshatra for the opening of the shop.

2. Consideration of Ascendant
According to the principles of Astrology, the ascendant of the Muhurtha should be strong for the opening ceremony of your shop. If Moon-Venus are located in the Ascendant, it is considered as the best position of planets. To assess the auspiciousness of the Ascendant, a benefic planet should be located in the second, tenth and eleventh house from the Ascendant and no malefic planet should be placed in the eighth or twelfth house.

3. Consideration of Tithis
In addition to the above mentioned elements, Tithis should also be considered during the assessment of Muhurtha for the opening ceremony of the shop. According to the scriptures of Astrology, all the tithis are auspicious for the opening of your shop except the Rikhta tithis. They are fourth, ninth and fourteenth. Hence, these tithis are not auspicious for the opening ceremony of the shop.

4. Consideration of Vaar
You can celebrate the opening ceremony of your shop any day except Tuesdays.

5. Caution:
If the Moon is in transit in the fourth, eighth or twelfth house from your birth-sign and Nakshatra is in third, fifth or seventh house and Bhadra or any other malefic planet is located in these houses, then you should postpone the opening ceremony of your shop.



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